Target on the Railway Network 31 Bin Km

The government will prioritize space work in the new era. Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, "until the 2035 will implement the space shuttle project," he said

Transport and communication in the era survived 15 years in Turkey, the government will give priority to work in the new space era. Turkey to have a say in the country's space to put the league that speed the work of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, said he brought many gains political stability in a statement in the morning.

The space shuttle project will be implemented until 2035, Arslan said. De We aim to place our satellites in orbit with our own rockets. The manned space flight program will also be launched. The launch of the Moon and Mars programs, the placement of a space telescope in Earth orbit, the development of the National Navigation Satellite System and the development of hybrid and electric air vehicles are among our targets. Until 2035, we plan to install solar panels in space, and to deliver the electrical energy to be produced from there with radio frequency waves to any part of the world including our country. X

Minister Arslan, 2023-2035 6 thousand km extra rail by making an additional rail network to extend to 31 thousand km, high-tech infrastructure to complete the railway industry and the marketing of railway products to the world said they aimed.

Arslan said that they would make smart roads up to 2035 on highways and they would provide incentives for vehicles using renewable energy sources. Arslan stated that they are planning to offer renewable energy to be used with electric vehicles to be produced with solar panels to be put on the roads. Çanakkale Bosphorus Bridge will also work at full capacity. Çan

Regarding cyber security and mailing, it is planned to enter into the best 5 country in Europe. Arslan said ini We aim to use information and communication technologies widely and effectively and thus to increase the domestic added value in the production of these technologies S. Minister Arslan said that in the maritime sector, the first targets were to complete the accreditation process of the center for the emergency response to marine pollution and to make it the most important center in Europe and Central Asia.

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