The Claim of a Reported Protocol for the Famous Shopping Center

Under the Mall of Istanbul Mall in Istanbul, it was claimed that the station was built for the metro line which was not even auctioned many years ago. İBB Council Member Nadir Ataman, with CHP, asked for the announcement of the content of the questionable protocol between the company and IMM for the delivery subway station

The shopping mall, which was built on the land of citizens in Başakşehir, which was expropriated for school construction, is on the agenda with a new claim. According to the allegation brought by the CHP İBB Assembly Member Nadir Ataman, the famous shopping center was under construction while a station was made for the underground subway line.

Ataman explained that Torunlar REIC, which is doing the Mall of Istanbul project consisting of residences, offices, shopping malls and hotels, built the office part of the metro station in 2012-2013.

Stating that the metro station was connected to the license within the scope of the hotel while the hotel part of the project was being constructed, Ataman suggested that a protocol was signed between the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Torunlar REIC on April 22, 2014. He noted that the Ikitelli-Ataköy Metro line to which the subway station under the Mall Of Istanbul project was put out to tender on November 19, 2015, and that the contract was signed with the winning company on April 8, 2016. Pointing out that the line's MASKO station is ready at the point where it will exit the famous shopping mall when Ataturk started construction, Ataman said, “The construction of the station was completed before even the metro tender was made. There is no such method anywhere in the world. ”


Ataman stated that the issue will be put on agenda in June, İBB Assembly session and said:

“The content of this questionable protocol should be explained to the people of Istanbul. Is this line planned to bring customers to the famous shopping mall or to serve Istanbul residents? Has the company been promised 'you make your station, we will bring a metro line there'? Or was the construction of the station done by this company in order to overlook the practices contrary to zoning in the court project? IMM had made a similar protocol in 2016. Amnesty was brought to the approximately 100 thousand square meter office and parking lot of the Marmara Forum AVM in Bakırköy in exchange for a 40 thousand square meter plot given to IMM. A block of Marmara Forum Shopping Mall, which was amnesty for land donation last year, was started to be used by IMM as an additional service building.


While the land on which the famous AVM has risen has the function of "Educational facilities", it was expropriated by TOKİ in 2005 within the scope of urban renewal and slum transformation. Durmuş family, one of the shareholders in the land, sold its 600 square meter shares in the land planned to be built in 2008 for approximately 1 million liras. However, later, the land was transferred to Torunlar REIC. With the amendment to the zoning plan approved by TOKI in 2009, the land was declared as a “private social cultural facility and partly trade and service” area. The issue was brought to the Supreme Court of Appeals when the case opened by the Durmuş family was rejected by the local court on the grounds that its value was increased by removing the land from the public area and taking it to the private area. The Supreme Court overturned the decision of the local court and the deed cancellation case was started to be seen again.

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