Child Traffic Cops at Work

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 23. The members of the Children's Assembly of the Term, along with traffic police teams, conducted traffic inspections at 15 July Red Crescent National Will Square.

Traffic control carried out in the streets of the capital to raise awareness on traffic rules was carried out by police teams from the Ankara Police Department Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate.

Every year, the police officers met with the traffic police in order to attract attention to the traffic rules.


Small police officers, who are practicing in Kızılay with their uniforms and hats, have both the big and the slogans such as ama Traffic culture develops with respect, not with laws dikkat, ın Your loved one is using roads yol, and important messages to their peers.

First in the pedestrian traffic to control the traffic police, crossing the pedestrians crossing the road, asking the pedestrians to use the right side of the crossings. Children stopped asking for questions about basic traffic rules by stopping the pedestrians and giving them a key ring to the pedestrians who knew the answers.


Tiny cops carried out inspections in vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians and asked drivers about traffic rules. Displacing various leaflets on the traffic rules, the tiny police officers stopped the drivers who did not follow the rules and reminded them of the traffic rules.

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