Escaping EIA for High Speed ​​Train

The EIA decision on the quarry to be opened in order to meet the gravel demand of the Ankara - İzmir high speed train project drew reaction.

Thousands of trees will be cut for the quarry to be opened in order to meet the gravel demand of the high-speed train project between Ankara and Izmir. Turgutlu Environment Platform, by drawing attention to the environmental damage of the quarry in question, reacted to the abduction of the EIA process.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), andesite quarry and crushing and screening plant to use the project to establish the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism 'EIA Not Required' is decided.

According to the project file, the gravel stones that will be removed from the quarry to be built in the countryside of Çıkrıkçı Neighborhood of Turgutlu, Manisa will be used as filling material in the part of the high-speed train project between Salihli and Manisa. Although the total license area is above the 30 hectare, the business district has been under the 25 hectare area and has been hijacked from the environmental impact assessment process.


According to the information in the project file, the area is located as a forest area in the zoning plans. Thousands of trees in the first field will be cut. The blasting technique will be used in the removal of raw material. 7 per month, annually 75 blasting process will be applied. The quarry is covered with fields, fields, vineyards and olive fields, and the nearest housing is 250 meters away. Another remarkable detail of the project is the service life of the furnace. In the file, it is stated that the raw material to be removed from the furnace will be used in the high speed train project, but the 9 yearly permission has been obtained for the furnace. The Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project is planned to be opened in 2020 year. Opened on the allegation of. Public interest di, the quarry brought to mind the question peş what is going to be done 'to someone.


Turgutlu Environmental Platform Sözcüsu Text Hard SözcüStating that they were confused by the decision, he said, “The decision made is wrong and disabled. The decision "EIA is not required" for such a business cannot be explained with reason and logic. This decision for an enterprise that could threaten public health is unacceptable. ” Stating that the pre-election decision is wanted to be overlooked, Sert emphasized that the EIA report is absolutely necessary. How can businesses say that they can obtain permits and licenses, which are threats to the environment and public health, can be said 'No need for EIA'? "As TURÇEP, we will bring our duty to our place. We will also inform the public about the issue by going to the village of Cikriki. ”

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