Ramadan Setting for Bursaray

📩 24/12/2018 22:26

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that all the preparations of the Metropolitan Municipality have been completed with the aim of living the month of Ramadan, the sultan of the 11 months, in Bursa with peace and pleasure, and explained the details of the 'Şehr-i Ramazan' program. On the other hand, Aktaş used the expressions "We arranged additional train times after 12 am in Bursaray during Ramadan."

Mayor Alinur Aktaş, 11 Sultan of the month of Ramadan, with the aim of experiencing peace and pleasure in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has completed all preparations, said 'City-i Ramadan' details of the program.

The symbol of unity, solidarity and solidarity will be the month of Ramadan, with the 'Şehir-i Ramadan' program prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa in accordance with the spiritual atmosphere. Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality 'City-i Ramadan' program, shared with members of the press. AK Party Provincial Vice President Mustafa Sayilgan and Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department President Ahmet Bayhan and Bursa Culture Inc. General Manager Fehim Ferik Ataturk Congress Cultural Center (Merinos AKKM) attended the press conference.

Month of unity, solidarity and solidarity

Mayor Alinur Aktaş pointed out the value of the month of Ramadan and said, “As a nation, we had another month of Ramadan, where we would experience the peace and blessings of being together and breathing the same spiritual atmosphere. May my Lord grant us all to keep our fasts in the best way, to perform our prayers in the best way and to take full advantage of Ramadan. We will share the tables with our neighbors, friends and relatives in this blessed month that will make people brotherly and connect hearts to each other, and we will be in solidarity with each other. ”

Stating that the spiritual atmosphere will cover the whole country and humanity, Mayor Aktaş said, ınca When Ramadan climate embraces Bursa, everyone will mobilize from houses to houses and from hearts to hearts. Our ancestors 'spiritual city' is called as the Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality as the various events we have prepared with the 11 Sultan of the month Ramadan will live together.

Stating that a program has been prepared in accordance with the spirituality of Ramadan, Mayor Aktaş said, “Ramadan is a month of worship. Ramadan is a month of unity, solidarity and solidarity. In this context, in the program prepared by our Culture and Tourism Branch Directorate, the Koran feasts at different points of Bursa, especially Merinos Park and Hüdavendigar City Park, sohbetConcerts and animation events will be held, including s, medium plays, religious music. In the programs that will start on May 16, the Mehter Team, the performance of the musical arts, the narrative programs in Merinos and Hüdavendigar City Park, sohbetQuran recitations, Sufism concerts from master artists, science shows and competition programs, heroic folk songs, special shows for children, Sufism, health, culture and civilization sohbet“Our citizens will spend their Ramadan nights to the fullest with activities such as Karagöz Hacivat and Şehir Theater plays and poetry performances”.

The program is even richer with local artists

Reminding that the Enderun Tarawih Prayer will be performed only in Namazgah this year, Mayor Aktaş said, “Within the scope of the program, Provincial Mufti Izani Turan, Bursa Mufti Chief Preacher Mehmet Kutlay, Osmangazi Mufti Lütfü İmamoğlu and UÜ Theology Faculty Faculty Member Mehmet Emin Ay sohbet will answer the questions of the citizens in the environment. Tolga Şekerci, Mürşid Kavurmacı, Agah, Fatih Koca, Mesut Yavaş, Ahmet Feyzi, Necip Karakaya, Engin Güneş, Sinan Topçu, Sedat Uçan, Murat Belet, Rıza Kara, Tamer Bakırcı, Bayram Büyükoruç, Veysel Bilen, Kadir Arı, Orhan Çakmak, Yusuf Yüzlüler and İnegöl Sufi Music Choir will sing beautiful hymns ”.

Reminding the value of the program, which especially includes local artists, Mayor Aktaş said, “Also during Ramadan, artists such as Ömer Karaoğlu, Mustafa Cihat and Grup Genç will present a bunch of tunes. Seyfullah Kartal, Kahraman Tazeoğlu and Serdar Tuncer will be with us with poetry performances. Television Programmer and Poet Serdar Tuncer, Ömer Tuğrul İnançer, Prof. Dr. With Emin Işık and Dursun Gürlek sohbet"s will make it happen."

Additional Expedition to Bursaray

Erkan Howitzer, the source of joy for children, will add color to the program with juggling shows, Mayor Aktas said: boyunca During Ramadan, we made additional train times after 12 in Bursaray at night. We have extended flights to 01.30 at some stations for our citizens who want to follow Ramadan activities. ”

Mayor Aktaş mentioned that Ramadan will be intense due to both summer and election agenda and explained the activities carried out within the scope of Social Responsibility Department of Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department in Ramadan and said: X Our distributions of supplies to 17 thousand families determined in 30 district in Ramadan continue. Especially as the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, I want to express that we have delivered to the addresses ”.

Iftars will be given both in Bursa and abroad

Mayor Aktaş also gave information about the iftar programs and said: Tents were established in Fomara, Emirsultan, Alemdar, Çınarönü and Tayakadın neighborhoods and Gürsu Çarşı Square. Every day, 9 will host a thousand people at our iftar tables. ” Mayor Aktaş mentioned that iftar programs will be held in Ramadan sister countries and said: “Iftar programs will be held in Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Greece and Georgia, we will also protect the oppressed geographies. We hope that the month of Ramadan will bring good for our city, our country and the Islamic world and that the whole world will be covered by a climate of peace. As Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, our teams will be in charge of 7 / 24 in order to make Ramadan the most healthy and peaceful way. ”

Aktas, 17 14 million square meters of cemetery in the district cleaning and regulation work started in February, and the work will be completed until the Ramadan Feast, he added. Mayor Aktaş thanked Besaş for sponsoring Ramadan activities programs, MARMARABİRLİK, Onur Market, Esentepe Hospital and Muradiye Su for their contributions.

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