Capitalists are pleased with Eymir flights

📩 24/12/2018 22:23

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the citizens of Eymir Lake, launched in accordance with the demands of the public transportation of the EGO buses from the first day has attracted great interest.

The public transport routes to the Eymir Lake, one of the capitals of the capitals, were solved.


Eymir Lake in the untouched, plenty of oxygen-loving time to spend time in the capital, the bus service began 5 May from May to enjoy the joy of going to Eymir.

The bus, which starts with the X 112 numbered X line in front of the Nation's Old Parliament, is carried out between 07.00 and 21.00 every day of the week, on weekdays and at the weekend. For those who want to go to Eymir Lake, they can reach the bus stops every two hours from the stops on the iki Ulus-Kızılay-Eymir ne route.


The Capitalists, who started to use the line, gave the first gospel to the start of the bus service. Dr. They also thanked Mustafa Tuna.

7'dan 70'e who enjoy the pleasure of traveling to Lake Eymir all citizens feel the satisfaction, den We could not go to this natural wonder because our car is not. Thanks to the public transport, we can also spend the weekends here. Toplu


Citizens stating that they support the campaign launched by President Tuna with the principle of ne Common Mind ler said, destek Now we can go to Eymir Lake with one bus and in one go. For those who don't have a car this line was really a need. We thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and EGO officials. We wish the continuation of these services of the Metropolitan Municipality. Büyük

The students who were studying in the capital were more than happy to start bus services to Lake Eymir, en We are going to Eymir for the first time. We are students and we couldn't go because we didn't normally have a car. We would like to thank our President for launching public transportation. Ğı


Starting from Ulus and Eymir Lake 2. Ankara residents who want to take advantage of the expeditions at the entrance will be able to take the E 112 “EGO buses from the stops on the following route.



Red Crescent,

İnönü Boulevard,

Konya Road,

Ahlatlıbel-İncek Junction,


Eymir 1. Login,

Police Academy,

Yaylabağ Neighborhood

Eymir 2. Login

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