Minister Arslan: mak We Want to Hit the Canal in Istanbul this Year Bakan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that Istanbul is the only city in the world to travel through the sea, and that they set out for the Kanal Istanbul Project with the responsibility of protecting the city. There was a need for an alternative waterway to purge Istanbul from danger, especially to reduce the burden on the throat due to dangerous goods transport, to preserve the historical fabric, to meet the growing and growing demand. Mak

Channel Istanbul Project, the necessary drilling has been done, about a certain stage reached, Arslan said, ind Depending on the size of the ship can pass through the simulation studies are continuing. In the framework of these simulation studies, we continue our navigation studies depending on the wavelength of the ships that will pass. When we have finished this, we will give you the final section and the length of the ship that will be passed about Kanal Istanbul. Depending on the completion of the studies, we aim to tender this year and we are planning to use many mixed models together. We want to make this place more modern, including urban transformation and greening in the region along the route, not just the channel. Since we are planning to make artificial islands with the material that will come out of the channel, the operation and construction model of each of them will be different from each other. Kanal

Dr. Arslan, the environmental effects of the channel detection, wind and wave climate studies, geological and geotechnical studies, taking into account the earthquake and tsunami periodically taking into account the risk assessment, said: we work with expert and expert organizations. Because there are so many criteria to consider when you are making the biggest project in the world, we do not have the luxury to act on the idea of ​​3-5. This year, we want to finish the work, to start the process and hit the dig. "He said.


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