Asphalt and Infrastructure Services from ASAT to Manavgat

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, ASAT General Directorate teams, as well as the infrastructure problems in Manavgat on the one hand on the other hand asphalting the roads excavated during the work.

ASAT General Directorate, the center and the districts of drinking water, rain water, sewage, such as the excavation of infrastructure works, after the work asphalted by the citizens show great sensitivity to not suffer.

New drinking water line to Uzunkale
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ASAT General Directorate, Manavgat Uzunkale Mahellesi'nde drinking water work. ASAT, which makes new water transmission and network line for continuous drinking water supply, is also renewing the lines that are inadequate. ASAT teams are making a total of 3 thousand meters of new drinking water line in Uzunkale neighborhood. With the work carried out, old drinking water pipes are replaced and new world-class drinking water lines are installed. With the operation of ASAT, which aims to bring its citizens together with healthy drinking water, the lines become stronger and more durable.

ASAT started asphalt work
ASAT teams also perform asphalt works in the regions where the infrastructure works are completed. Within the scope of the drinking water project, renewed asphalt work was started on the Değirmenli District connected to Manavgat. As a result of the work carried out on an area of ​​5 kilometers, the road is repaired and asphalted. The residents thanked ASAT employees and Mayor Menderes Türel for the asphalting of a total of 5 kilometers.

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