ARUS, 10. UIC Participates in World High Speed ​​Railway Congress

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The most important high-speed rail efficiency and uıc'n's held for the first time in Turkey worldwide (International Union of Railways) World High Speed ​​Rail Congress and High Speed ​​Rail Fair xnumx.s of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan with the participation 10-08 was hosted by TCDD at ATO (Congresium) on May 11. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, as well as TCDD General Manager and UIC Vice President İsa Apaydın, UIC General Manager Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC President Renato Mazzoncini, bureaucrats, deputies, Anatolian Rail Transport Systems Cluster (ARUS) board, ARUS members, railway infrastructure operators, railway train operators, railway suppliers, research institutes, universities, international organizations and 30, one of the senior representatives of the sector stakeholders, participated in 1000 from the country.


TCDD General Manager and ARUS Chairman İsa Apaydın In his speech at the opening, 2009 High Speed ​​Train management in Ankara, the capital of Ankara, said the organization of this Congress as a railroad persona meaning a separate meaning, Kongre 3 High Speed ​​Congress during the day, 30 150 speakers from the country to be held with the participation of panels, We will have the opportunity to listen to the experiences of many experts who have contributed to the development of high-speed railways in round tables and parallel sessions. yuvarlak

In parallel with the congress, with the participation of the companies with high-speed rail products and services exhibited at the Fair, indicating that they will have the opportunity to see closely technological innovations Apaydın, the world today around 41.000 km high-speed line is operated, the construction of which is under construction and with the completion of the recently planned lines 80.000 km said he would be raised to.

In today's world where mobility, speed and punctuality are very important, General Manager Apaydın reminded that the needs for developing and expanding high speed train technologies, which make passenger transportation safe, fast, environmentally friendly and with high capacity, are increasing day by day, ğin Sustainable and competitive c sharing of information about operations kon in the framework of the slogan, how to reduce the cost of construction and maintenance costs as well as making high-speed rail lines and how to ensure longer-lasting told how to focus on issues.


Within the framework of sustainable operation, we provide how to ensure sustainable maintenance management and we will concentrate on finding answers to the question of how to compete with other modes. World High Speed ​​Congress began to be organized in size noted.

As a result of the work done by TCDD since 2012, the most recent one is UIC 9 in Tokyo. In the World High Speed ​​Railway Congress, Apaydın stated that this big event was decided to be made within the borders of our country which is at the intersection point of Middle East, Balkans geography and Europe and Asia and which is the pioneer of infrastructure investments with high speed train operation in the region. Li our first-time home ownership in the region to be held in Turkey is a great honor for us. We are glad to witness that high-speed railway operations, which have been successfully implemented in our country, serve as an example to all neighboring countries. Ül

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın. Our close relationship with the International Railways Association, which has been a member of our country since 1928, is still continuing. 1 2016 on December 89. I am elected as the UIC Vice President in the General Assembly and I am both the owner and host of this event since I am also the President of the UIC Middle East Regional Board (RAME). Therefore, I would like to express that we are trying our best to organize the World High Speed ​​Railway Congress in the most efficient way for all participants. We hope that we have been successful. Um

In parallel with the congress, high-speed railway products, services and technological innovations were exhibited in this event with the participation of more than 30 participants and companies from 1000 countries.

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