Arslan: Investigated in Ankara Kudramankazan Divided Road Construction

Billion lira savings will be achieved with the ankara nigde highway
Billion lira savings will be achieved with the ankara nigde highway

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, "The processes are followed within the scope of the road that will make the approximately 28,5 km Ankara Ring Road to Keskin at the exit of Kahramankazan into 3 departures." said. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, "The processes are followed within the scope of the road that will make the Ankara Ring Road of approximately 3 kilometers up to Keskinler at the exit of Kahramankazan into 28,5 departures." said.

Minister Arslan made examinations in Ankara-Kahramankazan split road construction:

Arslan, said in a statement after the review, the Ankara X-TRX-2 2 departure-3 arrival in the Highway-Kahramankazan line as part of the work carried out on the 3 arrival-XNUMX visit to make a visit to the construction site, he said.

General Directorate of Highways (KGM) employees and contractors who received information indicating that Arslan, ister I would like to express the satisfaction of the approximately 28,5 kilometer Ankara Perimeter Road, Kahramankazan exit to Keskinler 3 exit-3 arrival-going processes within the scope of the road. In this context, 12 overpass junction, 9 overpass junction, 3 underpass. We will have made the road from Ankara to Kahramankazan exit to Keskinler uninterrupted. In no way will there be a level crossroad..

Arslan stated that the average daily traffic on the route was about 36 thousand vehicles, pointing out that traffic will not be interrupted in any way.

Over the weekend, both the guests coming from Kahramankazan'dan Kızılcahamam'dan 2 traffic movement striking the attention of Arslan, to increase the comfort of people on behalf of this road will make a completely uninterrupted stressed.

Arslan underlined that all processes including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report regarding the quarry were completed and that the production of the grounding panels was started, the installation works were carried out and they started the installation process related to the mechanical plant.

Arslan stated that ground improvement and splitting operations were started on the road. Zoning changes in intersections and related infrastructure displacement and expropriation were done by KGM, Kahramankazan Municipality, district governor and metropolitan municipality supported the works.

Arslan, 12 intersection in the summer season 12'si work in the case of traffic density will be pointed out, so before the summer season they have started a busy work, 2019 summer season without having said they want to finish this work.

New transport corridors

Stating that the work continues in the Port of Filyos Arslan, there will be a serious load movement between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the cargo movement in question as a corridor Kızılcahamam, Kahramankazan and Gölbaşı said that the Mediterranean will descend.

Arslan, completing this corridor to finish the road as soon as possible to improve the ride comfort by emphasizing the importance, said:

Yol This road has another feature. Again from the Black Sea, Filyos Port, starting from this route, the freight movement, over Yenikent to Temelli, there, Eskişehir road, and then will serve as a corridor to connect to Afyonkarahisar road. We laid the foundation of the Yenikent-Temelli road, which is the complement of this road, with the participation of our Prime Minister last year. Our project is about 40 kilometers and the cost is over 400 million pounds like here. ”

Arslan said that Ankara is continuing its efforts to connect Temelli and industrial zones and said, “We also have a separate intersection at 8. We have finished working on some of these intersections and continue on some of them. So far, we have given 9 kilometers to traffic. By the end of this year, we will have put 21 mileage on that road. Esinde

Arslan, Yenikent-based road 29 October 2019'da target is to provide service, said that the project 30 meters high 520 meter length of the Ankara River finished viaduct on the 250 meter viaduct work Zir Valley, he said.

Kahramankazan'dan Kızılcahamam'da after a hospital will enter into service in the near future Arslan, the hospital is engaged in a very serious traffic density between Kızılcahamam-Gerede, said that the viaduct to be made for this purpose.

Arslan, where the hospital is located, to continue to work on the ongoing project for the completion of the traffic tender to be done within a month after the completion of the target, the project, the project is to realize the actual construction within this year, he said.

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