Minister Arslan: Taş We have carried many maritime affairs to the e-government platform Bakan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, ilgili We have carried out many maritime issues on the e-government platform. This year, we will carry all the transactions to the e-government platform. Bu

Piri Reis University, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan was given an honorary doctorate ceremony was held.

In addition to the ceremony, the Governor of Istanbul Vasip Sahin, Piri Reis University Rector. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, Piri Reis University Board of Trustees President Metin Kalkavan, Minister Arslan's teacher from the university and Piri Reis University Founding Rector. Dr. Osman Kamil Right, students with many lecturers attended.

Habibe Arslan, the rector of Erdoğan, Metin Kalkavan and Minister Arslan, was clothed by Minister Arslan.

Expressing his satisfaction with the honorary doctoral share received, Arslan, thanked everyone.

Arslan underlined that there were many among the sailors serving in ministry, he told Piri Reis University, also offer significant contributions to maritime and Turkey.

. Geography is our destiny, “he said, describing the work of the Muqaddima writer Ibn Khaldun, informing the participants about the work they have done in the maritime.

Marine and sailor being Arslan, indicating that the fate of the Turks and Turkey, Good told the translator that it is important that fate.

”We have implemented many legislative arrangements, increased audits“

Minister Arslan, with their responsibility for the 15 years in harmony with the development of a development and development strategy, drawing attention, well-trained seafarers said that anywhere can do business.

Arslan, who advises maritime students to raise themselves well, said:

“We have implemented many legal arrangements, and we have increased the audits. Today, if we are a white flag country, we proudly say, 'The position of the White flag is solidified, and then it will be solidified.' If we say and not only about our ships, but also if we can use this statement about our seafarers, of course, working with the team harmony under this, ministry, NGO, working with our universities in the sector has an important share. We've made significant progress. We set up instant monitoring systems in our seas, we invested in this subject, we continue to do it. Deniz

Underlining that they have done a lot of work to reduce the bureaucracy, Arslan recalled that they started to switch to a single window system in the harbors.

Arslan said, or The counterparts in our ports have to buy cards separately from each Ministry and even have to take more than one card from some ministries. Instead, we will bring a single card system. We've moved many maritime issues to the e-government platform. This year, we will carry all transactions to the e-government platform. Platform

"Turkey also brought the country into a passing mention in the international arena"

Arslan stated that they care about sea tourism and added: bu We are moving forward step by step by removing the obstacles to pulling the Turkish flag. We have targeted the 6 bin, and now we have come to the numbers of 5 bin 750. X

Minister Arslan said that they have made a contribution to the sector by announcing the excise duty and that they are contributing about 6 billion pounds in the sector.

Especially to reduce the political and economic crisis maritime transport and its impact on the shipping industry affected the entire world voicing provide important support to the sector Arslan, "Turkey also brought into a passing mention in the international arena the country. Turkish Marine Trade Fleet capacity 15 year than the world's naval fleet, 75 grow more than I would like to express. It He said.

Turkey's Arslan providing information to participants about the numbers that came in shipping, said they would continue to work for the development of shipping in Turkey.

Within the framework of his speech, Ahmet Arslan thanked him for his support and sacrifice.

Di Ahmet Arslan was a very good student “

Minister Arslan's teacher from the university and Piri Reis University Founding Rector. Dr. Osman Kamil Sağ, Arslan, indicating that he knew a very good student period, a very good student, he said.

Right voicing Arslan paid much attention to maritime training, as parliamentarians and ministers Ahmet Arslan service by drawing attention to Turkey, and in particular support for maritime training due to the importance thanked him.

A Turkish citizen, Scottish musician Paul Dwyer performed Turkish folk songs under the ceremony.

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