Sincan-Batıkent Metro is Launching 6 Vagona

Sincan-Batıkent metro station is waiting for the six-passenger wagon and the end of the direct travel to Kızılay. The Sincan metro, which operates three wagons, has six wagons in June and the transfer in Batıkent rises in the middle of July.

Since its inception, the number of wagons in the Sincan metro station, which has been served with three wagons, reaches six, and the transfer in Batıkent ends in July. Metropolitan Municipality officials, due to lack of wagons and integration problems, three wagons in the Sincan metro service, which will open the bus with the arrival of six cars will end the troubles. Authorities announced that the transfer will be removed after the election.


In June, this line will now carry six wagons to the authorities stating that Hurriyet Ankara said: la Our work continues rapidly. On the metro line, which runs between the M3 line and the Batıkent-Sincan line, the triple wagons will reach six wagons starting from June. The transfer will be over in mid-July. You can go directly to the Kizilay from Xinjiang by metro. S

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