Turkey's Balikesir New Investment Base

Balıkesir Governorship, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, South Marmara Development Agency, Balıkesir Chamber of Industry and Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce jointly organized ası Balıkesir Investment Days Ajans event started today at Güre Ramada Resort Kazdağları Conference Hall. In the event, which will continue today, it is aimed to introduce potential and potential investors to the investors in Balıkesir by making use of the experiences of investors who have invested in Balıkesir and to create a suitable ground for investment partnerships.

While many businessmen from Balıkesir participated in the event, a large number of employers who had investor identity and participated from other provinces did not escape; Balikesir Deputy Governor Mehmet Suphi Olcay, Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoglu, GMKA Secretary General Abdullah Power, Department Managers and heads of the meeting were the names of the audience.


The Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Zekai Kafaoğlu made the opening speech of the meeting and addressed the investors. Mayor Kafaoğlu gave information about the location of Balıkesir in the Turkish economy. Alar Providing a happy and peaceful city with healthy food and healthy life. Kuva-yi Milliye Şehir Balıkesir is a province that has always been at the forefront when the issue of the flag is the issue of the issue, the issue of the country and the issue of the nation. Balıkesir High School did not graduate for three consecutive years during the Çanakkale War. Dozens of young people who haven't even sweated even a mustache have been martyred at the Battle of Çanakkale. Many important figures that have changed the fate of the Çanakkale War have been the pride of our city for years. This country is the home of Kurtdereli Mehmet Pehlivanlar, who brought the world to the ground by Hasan Basri Çantaylarin, Hasan Babaların, Gönenli Mehmet Efendilerin, and Cihan wrestler. As you all know, Cihan wrestler Kurtdereli Mehmet Pehlivan has a saying, and this word has been proudly presented to all athletes by Gazi Mustafa Kemal. 'I wrestle after each wrestling of the Turkish Nation and I wrestle thinking of his banner' For centuries this word has been earrings in the ears of all our athletes.

Balikesir is a really sensitive but also the happiest city in the province between Turkey Statistical Institute survey which was made between the 30 30 metropolitan provinces. For this reason, we put our slogan happy and peaceful city Balıkesir. The greatest task of all managers is to increase and maintain this happiness and peace. There are people in the center of all systems, people have happiness. In all forms of management, we have to put the happiness of people in the actions, actions and actions that we have done in the projects we have done as local administrators. We need to protect the environment to make people happy. We have a clean water, a clean soil, a clean air for the next generations. Gelecek


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu pointed out that the province of Balıkesir is a very large province and said that cities need absolute investments to develop. For Ayvalik, Dursunbey, Balıkesir, which connects to the two different seas and the inner Anatolia region with an area extending from Sındırgı to the Marmara Island, he used the following expressions: The geography of Balıkesir is indeed a very large geography. We have twenty-two men on the one side of Marmara Sea. We, on the one hand, go back to the shores of İzmir by Ayvalık Altınova. Dursunbey'le on the one hand is a province adjacent to Kütahya in Central Anatolia. Our population is 1.205.000, but a large part of our population lives in our districts and rural areas. The population of Kayseri is 1.300.000 but 1.100.000 lives in the center of Kayseri. Eskişehir has a population of 800.000 700.000 lives in the center of Eskişehir. 100.000 lives in counties and central neighborhoods. In Balıkesir, 300.000 is located in the center and the remaining three floors live in districts. We have such a scattered geography that we have advantages as well as disadvantages. Of course, we strive to turn the disadvantages into an advantage. Tab


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu stated that there is a dilemma about the areas where Balıkesir has been investing for many years and continued with his words as follows: "We say to impregnate Turkey Balikesir province. Balıkesir is a subject that has been discussed for many years. We will be our industrial city Our city of tourism will be our city of agriculture We will be our university city eh Based on our findings, Balıkesir is a city that must rise regularly under three pillars. First, we never give up, because we do not we are not from agriculture and animal husbandry in this slogan with a saturating of Turkey such figures. Red meat, white meat, milk, eggs are always among the first three cities, sometimes we are sometimes two sometimes three. All the agricultural products except banana and tea are grown, and we are among the top five. We can never compromise on this feature. We can't be in a job and action to lose this because people need to eat as long as the world is stopped and people are alive.

The second is tourism. Balikesir province attracted the most domestic tourists in Turkey. We have the most beautiful sea of ​​the Aegean, the most beautiful coasts. We are the pearl of the Aegean. We have the Aegean Sea. Erdek is one of Turkey's first tourism spot but fell back today. As Metropolitan Municipality we are ready to do our best to make up for this situation. With the Island of Marmara, Avsa Island, Akçay, Altınoluk, Edremit, Burhaniye, Gömeç and Ayvalık beaches and the tourism point of the point of being an attraction in the point of being really a serious issue. When it comes to tourism, only sea, sun and sand come to mind, but in Balıkesir there are also many suitable areas for tourism. Thermal tourism, especially in our region, is also quite suitable. Gönen, Balya, Sındırgı, Bigadiç'ten, There is geothermal in our town of 13 until Altıeylül. We have mountains for eco tourism. Our Alaçam Mountains in Dursunbey, Our Kaz Mountains in Edremit are very important. Goose Mountains The most important oxygen tank in the world after the Alps in terms of oxygen. We have the sea, we have geothermal, mountains have all the features for tourism all the beauty in Balıkesir. Therefore, we must make a breakthrough in tourism.

Balıkesir is also a place where roads intersect, and in the industry, logistics factors are very important in the development of a city. There is a serious investment made by our government in this regard. The Istanbul - Izmir highway passes through Balıkesir, with Balıkesir at its center. The bridge to be built in Çanakkale and the highway that will pass through it merges again with the Izmir - Istanbul highway in Balıkesir. State Railways pass through Balıkesir. Balikesir integrated into the State Railways and just finish our organized industrial zones, Bandirma port State Railways of the logistics park to be established in Turkey, one in ten point was made in Balikesir. Thus, Balıkesir became a province with serious advantages in terms of industry. Therefore, we cannot develop without industry. We need to make serious trends in industry, both because we are a port city and we have an organized industrial zone in the center. But we never have to mix them together, we have to separate their destinations. In 1/100000 environmental plans, in 1/25000 and 5000 plans, we need to determine their fields correctly and ensure that none of them are in the field of each other. ”


President Zekai Kafaoğlu pointed out that they reached an almost full occupancy rate in Balıkesir Central Organized Industrial Zone, and that they had made efforts to open new investment areas. A Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone is currently occupied at the investment point. We are unable to respond to investors, but we are expanding 1.5 times. Decisions have been made about expropriation. Hopefully in the coming days we will complete the expropriation and start to allocate space to new investors. Our organized industrial zone in the city center is the focus of the factories. Another area in the industrial point is Bandırma. There is also an industrial zone between Bandırma and Gönen. Now we have established the new heavy metal and machinery organizing industry. The private sector, the Kale group there by establishing a special industrial zone Bandırma region, Balıkesir region from the defense industry will come very seriously believe in the investment. Since we have a port in Bandırma, we are now working on establishing a free zone. B


Zekai Kafaoğlu, Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, who spoke to investors, gave information to investors on the subject of the gospel as follows; Istiy I want to re-articulate here when there are investors here. No medium and high voltage power laboratory in Turkey. Nine in three worlds in Europe. Now, to be established in Turkey. It is also established in Balıkesir, Bandırma'ya being established. Of course it should be close to the harbor. For this reason, his place is also determined. Any factory in need of an electricity-related power laboratory to the heavy metal and machinery-organized industry will certainly want to be located there. He'il want to open at least one of his units there. Balıkesir's land is gold. Balikesir was a sleeping giant now wakes up. It was an unexplored treasure, after it became a metropolitan city it was discovered. The fact that the Istanbul-Izmir Highway is being constructed and the Osmangazi Bridge is finished and that Balıkesir is now reachable in two hours from Balıkesir has really made Balıkesir a center of attraction. In the last two years, real estate prices have increased most rapidly. Why? Now that it is a shining star, it is now discovered for this treasure.

Istanbul is now purged from industry. Where will Istanbul go industrialist? Gebze and Kocaeli are full, full of Bursa, the nearest center is Balıkesir. For this reason, Şişecam is about to complete his investment in Balıkesir. 200 have allocated a thousand square meters area. It plans to start production in September. That is why Filli Boya came to Balikesir from Istanbul. For this reason, Kalekim came to Balıkesir from İstanbul. 22 companies are waiting in line. Investors who want to invest should not be late. Yatırım


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu, who touched on the strategic importance of Balıkesir, stated that the most important institutions of the state were deployed in Balıkesir. He said: afa Balıkesir is truly a province of strategic importance, both for our state and investors. We are serhat, we are neighbor to Lesvos. In Balıkesir, the state has very serious institutions and organizations. There are two military airports: one in Bandırma, one in the center of Balıkesir. We have a maritime unit at the general level in Erdek. We have a general-level armored brigade in Edremit. Why is that? We are in the city of Serhat: all the units that control the Aegean are here.

200 million inhabitants live here when you put the end of a compass in the center of Balikesir and draw a circle radius of 30. The 65-70 of economic mobility and tax is within this 200 mile radius. In other words, we are at the center of consumption points and economic mobility. Yani


Balıkesir after Istanbul, the only city with 2 airport in Balıkesir stated that President Zekai Kafaoğlu, the second airport by the end of the year will start flights by expressing; “We are one of the few provinces with two airports. There are two airports in Istanbul and the third. Another is in Balıkesir. Someone active: Kocaseyit Airport. One is in the city center. Terminal buildings end at the end of the year. I hope that we will open the civilian flights there. We have an old small terminal building without waiting for the terminal building to finish. Hopefully, we put it in this year. We're doing our interviews. Both Turkish Airlines and private companies. This year will start flights from the center of Balikesir.

We have two seas, two airports, railways. One of the other important issues of Çandarlı also being made, Turkey's largest port. You can also deliver your products to the Çandarlı Port from the logistic village with the State Railways. That's a mile from the 120. At the same time, when you load your products from Balıkesir Organized Industry, you have the opportunity to transport your container to the most remote consumption points in Europe without ever getting down. Aynı


After the Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Kafaoğlu, the Deputy Governor of Balıkesir Mehmet Olcay Suphi pointed out the goodwill and diligence of the people of the city and said:, You can find any kind of reason to make the investment somewhere in Balıkesir. For example, it should have at least two of the transportation opportunities by land, air or sea. There are three of them in Balıkesir. There should be no problems related to infrastructure. We have a strong infrastructure. We do not neglect to protect our nature while attracting investors. Our Metropolitan Municipality has an investment of 1 million TL regarding solid waste. Our goal is to save our investors and potential investors from the sentence of the bureaucracy starting with 'no'. This is our management approach and will continue to do so. Besides, I would like to point out that our Southern Marmara Development Agency is also quite capable of paving the way for investors. Y


Following the opening speeches, the first panel on potential industry investors was made by the editor-in-chief of the Country TV and the Yeni Şafak columnist Hasan Öztürk.

Kale Group Balıkesir Investment Director Bahadır Kayan shared that the region has a better OSB infrastructure than its counterparts in terms of infrastructure. Da We took into account the population mobility and industrial developments in the projection we made with the city planners on Çanakkale and Balıkesir. The population will increase around the Sea of ​​Marmara, Istanbul can not lift. Global trend migration towards small-scale population. In the form of new life, we will see that everyone from large centers has escaped. The region will be one of these escape points. Bölge

Underlining the importance of transportation and logistics in terms of development of the regional industry, Sem Mobilya A.Ş. Orgun Türkoğlu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, ise Balıkesir is also a suitable region in terms of employment. For this reason, we made our investment in this region. Another factor that triggered this element is that Balıkesir has more opportunities than the developed industrial cities. Bu

EKOSınerji Quality and Service Coordinator Mehmet İzzet Güray underlined that Balıkesir offers ease of life on transportation, nature and environment and said: ulaşım We are in a comfortable and fast contact with the managers of OSB in Balıkesir. This is a very important chance for the investor and every industrialist in the region. I would also like to mention that our women in Balıkesir are very hardworking. Ayrıca


Emphasizing the importance of women working in industrial zones in three shifts, Diniz Adient General Manager Mükremin Eraslan said, ın Our families are giving support in our region to our sparkling women who want to work in industry. An important opportunity for women's employment. We will increase our current employment by 600 by evaluating all the facilities of Balıkesir and will make an additional investment in 30 bin m2 by the end of the year. Biz

Çağsan Merdiven General Manager Nafiz Özatalay said that besides the importance of the infrastructure facilities of the region, the state continues to open the horizons of the industrialists with new investments and investment opportunities.

On the second day of the event, which will continue today, round table meetings will be held with panels related to Balıkesir's investments.

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