Green with CHP: Ankara's Transportation Master Plan, Must Be Integrated, Not Parallel, and Monorail Treatment

There are some differences between ır transportation fark and ”transportation“. Ankara Deputy Nihat Yeşil; There is no definition or concept in the “Transportation Plan İm. The Ministry of Transport has authority in the Master Plans of our Cities; Metropolitan municipalities and the city planning is causing the complexity of authority. Administrative courts have problems.

Green said in a nutshell:

Eni Environmental Planning Plan eni of our cities; Plan scales with 1 / 100.000 and 1 / 50.000 scales are complete with analysis and analytical study studies and planning reports.

Therefore; Environmental Plans; They are the basic plans that include the foresight and decisions of transportation. Transportation and land use decisions are already integrated within the ”Urban Environment lar and“ City plans “to be prepared. There is no independent scheme for spatial plan tiering.

But; ”Transportation Projects“; Transportation types are created with detailed studies. 1 / 25.000 and 1 / 5000 and other projects with lower scale and written.

For example; One way bi-directional road application covers subway, dolmuş and bus routes and station identification, pedestrian and bicycle paths.

3194 No. 5 of the building law. In the article, plan types are considered while the plan types are considered.

3194 5. In Article; While sayılır planning stage ”is considered as ken plan types“, ”transportation plans t are not included.

”Transportation Master Plan“:

In the scope of the ı Environmental Plan of the Environment Şehr; coordinated, mutually interacting and harmonized transport studies and attached reports.

”Transportation Projects“:

It is the whole of the project sheets and reports which are drawn in detail on the transportation types and routes which are drawn on the city plans and are handled in coordination with the city plans.

Ankara Deputy Nihat Yeşil's questions on the agenda of the Parliament and the Ministry of Transport are as follows:

  1. How many kilometers of suggestions line as subway and light rail system were included in the investment program in Ankara province? How many kilometers of lines are under construction?
  2. In investment programs; Is the transportation system called Monorail or Havaray, which is also used in other European cities, which is also integrated with other public transportation systems?
  3. Is it true that the dissemination of this modern tiril monorail taş type of rail system, which is less costly than the metro, is delayed by the international tire wheeled public transport cartel in our metropolitan cities?
  4. Are there any project line proposals about the type of monorail transportation that are on the agenda by your Ministry in Ankara or forwarded to the ministry by the municipalities? If yes, at what stage? Why not?

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