Kars Garage Manager Metin Ruşen Tutaz Shouted on His Last Journey with Prayers

The funeral ceremony was held at TCDD Kars Station Director Metin Rusen Tutaz, who died in the hospital where he was treated in Izmit, the 30 station for the past year.

General Director of TCDD for the funeral of Director Tutaz İsa Apaydın together with the Governor of Kars Rahmi Doğan, Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, TCDD Transportation Inc. Regional Manager Sönmez Sefercik, Passenger Services Manager Muharrem Toraman, ASKF President Can Burhan Taş, colleagues, family and friends attended.

TCDD General Manager at the ceremony İsa Apaydın, Kars Station Director Metin Rusen Tutaz'ın 25 has been serving for over a year and his cat is very modest, hardworking, loved by all cuts said that a model person. Apaydın also said that they would commemorate him with gratitude and reverence and wished him mercy from Allah and condolences to his family and railway community.

TCDD General Manager, who conveyed his condolences and condolences to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan. İsa ApaydınMinister Arslan said he would arrive in Kars on Thursday and would pay a condolence visit to the family.

After the speech of General Manager Apaydın Birol Kaya, TCDD Kars Station Director Metin Ruşen Tutaz read the resume.

Birol Kaya said that they experienced the deep sadness of losing Metin Ruşen Tutaz, Train Station Manager: Müdür Our Manager Ruşen Tutaz, who we saw on his last journey today; He was born in Sivas on 1958 and after completing his education there, he started to work in 1981 as assistant to the movement officer. After successfully working in various positions, 15 was assigned to Kars Station Directorate as Deputy Station Manager in June 1999 and while he was doing this duty, he went to Izmit where he went for treatment due to his illness in the previous day. He has worked and lived to be an example to everyone both inside and outside with his work ethic and his whole life, in all the tasks he has done and giving priority to the state interest. We wish him mercy from Allah Almighty as the whole railway community and we would like to express our condolences to the whole railway community. May the authority be in heaven. ”

After the ceremony, Metin Ruşen Tutaz's funeral was brought to Istasyon Mosque. He was buried in the Yeni Mahalle Cemetery after the funeral prayer, followed by the noon prayer.

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