Minister Arslan: "Our Projects Are Important For World Trade and Transport"

Transportation Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “As the Spice and Silk Road was important for world trade in the past, today's projects are so important for world trade and transportation.” said.

Arslan examined the works on the Kars-Digor-Iğdır highway, which is under construction, and sohbet He.

Employees Arslan, who posed for souvenir photos, here in his speech, stated that east-west and north-south axes in many areas designated main corridor in Turkey, "This is the main corridors of course, our goal in doing, especially the central corridor between the countries of our Asia Europe consolidating trade and to make it preferable in terms of transportation. ” he spoke.

Arslan said that he visited the construction site in the split road construction between Kars-Digor-Tuzluca, which is the missing link of the 18th corridor from Rize to Artvin, Ardahan, Kars, Digor, Iğdır, Ağrı and Iran to Van.

Explaining that they built the 27 km binder level split road as hot asphalt in the region where the construction season is very short, Arslan said, “This year we will make another 13 km asphalt road. Hopefully, next year, we will complete the missing parts between Digor and Tuzluca and complete the missing ring of the 18th corridor as a divided road. ” gave information.

“We make divided roads in 81 provinces”

Arslan emphasized that the new roads are of great importance for both the region and the country, “Of course, these roads are important for the districts and provinces in the region where they are located. Our country has the goal of being a center and attraction center in terms of international transportation corridors. To achieve this goal, we make divided roads in 81 provinces, we carry out transportation projects in 81 provinces to complement each other. ” used the expression.

These projects have been done to reach the country's goals voicing Arslan, said:

“All our work is to reach the 2023, 2053 targets. Transportation sector is indispensable for the development of the country, the development of industry, industry and the growth of the economy. Our country has big goals, and it is essential to reach these big goals and export target of 500 billion dollars, to bring the transportation infrastructure above the world standard. These works are also part of them. "

Arslan stated that the studies they carried out will guarantee the future of 81 million, and he wanted transportation projects to be considered.

Arslan, said:

“As Spice and Silk Road were important for world trade in the past, today's projects are so important for world trade and transportation. Our projects are also important for the development of our region, provinces and districts. Let our people look at our projects with this view. Canal Istanbul, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, divided roads are very important for our country. We do an extraordinary effort to spread these services to all 780 thousand square kilometers. ”

Visit to Dağpınar Municipality

Minister Arslan, then visited the Municipality of Dağpınar.

Emphasizing that someone produces only words and they produce services here, Arslan said, “As a country, we should be strong, and we should be able to walk confidently while walking to 2023, 2053 targets.” said.

Dağpınar Mayor Ömer Vargün thanked Minister Arslan for his visits.



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