New Line, 4 New Stations Coming to BursaRay

Like yesterday, it is the first day that BursaRay was put into service.
There was a bit of confusion, but in the following days the system was seated and the people of Bursalılar were accustomed to the light rail system.
First the western phase was put into service, the eastern phase started to operate a few years later, even if it was painful, and finally the western phase extended to the university.
In other words, 3 had a final process.

The latest development is:
BursaRay, 5,5 km extends.

The new line will be built between Emek and the City Hospital.
Even the 4 station will be found.
Parade, Balat, High Speed ​​Train, City Hospital…

When I heard about this important development, I first called Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş.
"It is true, we decided to extend BursaRay," said Aktaş.
In particular, with the completion of the construction of Bursa City Hospital reminded that the new line is mandatory Chairman Aktas.

Later, I received technical information from the General Manager of Burulaş Mehmet Kürşat Çapar.
Çapar also underlined that due to the City Hospital planned to be opened in June 2019 (if the local elections are held in time, I think that the City Hospital will be opened in February 2019), transportation to that area must be ensured and the new line will consist of 4 stations.

So, is the new line going underground?
Capar, they do not give the full decision, but at least the new line is underway to pass the part of the highway, he said.
So the Passage and Balat stations…
As a matter of fact, the route of these two stations is on Mudanya Road, where traffic is extremely busy.
Capar, narrow the main street and said they do not want to increase traffic density.
1 100 5,5 meters between each station is designed to record the meter, the total length of the line said XNUMX km.
In the new line, there will also be intercity feed buses from the villages of Nilüfer and Mudanya.

Let's come to the most crucial subject…
So the cost of the new line…
First I asked Çapar about the cost of the line.
Var There are two models in the underground subway such as open closure and tunnel excavation. We'll probably be able to implement the open-close model. However, the cost of underground gold is high. Mileage 40 million dollars. So in total, we need a source of 600 million pounds, Yani he said.

So where will this source be found?
He talked about two financial methods.
Long-term loan to be obtained from the Ministry of Transportation, General Directorate of Infrastructure or banks…
The Ministry of Transport was in talks with the General Directorate of Infrastructure.
If this financial method is implemented, the cost of the new line will be covered by the central budget.
But somehow the new line has to come to life.
As I mentioned in Girizgah, the City Hospital, which is under construction rapidly in Doğanköy, is just a year away from completing.

When is the foundation?

What will be the road map of the new 5,5 km long line of BursaRay?
First the Metropolitan Municipality administration and the political will took the decision of the new line of 600 million pounds.
The new line is being processed to the Transportation Master Plan.
Then he will come to the Metropolitan Assembly.
Mayor Alinur Aktas is determined to realize the new line.
So when was the foundation?
No exact date.
However, as shown among the biggest health investments in Turkey Bursa City Hospital we had to open up the service to 1 year.
For this reason, the residents of the new line will not wait until the foundation of the new line.

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