8 Reinforcements from Muğla Metropolitan to Airport Transportation

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality has added 8 to its fleet to be used in airport transportation.

Turkey's two airports with the airport in Las Vegas, one of the two provinces received new buses to be used in the transportation 13 8 meter identification Muğla Mayor Dr. With the participation of Osman Gürün, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality was held in the socio-cultural area. Bahattin Gümüş Mayor Bahattin Gümüş, Ortaca Mayor Hasan Karaçelik, CHP Muğla provincial and district presidents, CHP Muğla deputy candidates, muhtars, citizens and bus company officials attended the bus promotion.

In line with the demands of the citizens of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and in line with the demands of the citizens, 2014 started the transportation of the MUTTAŞ Airport in August and the 2 187 Bin 203 8 passengers have been moved from Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman Airports so far. Before Muğla became a Metropolitan Municipality, the airport was the only company that provided passenger transportation, and it carried airport passengers to certain districts. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Milas-Bodrum Airports Bodrum, Milas, Yatagan, Mentese, Dalaman airport for passengers Fethiye, Ortaca, Koycegiz, Marmaris and Datça flights in the summer began. XNUMX new buses for the airport transportation, which attracted great attention from the citizens, participated in the fleet of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality.

President Gürün; En A thank you from our citizens, thank you, thank you for the satisfaction of our services. “

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in the presentation of the new buses to the Mayor of Mugla Metropolitan Municipality. Osman Gure Turkey's natural beauty, apart from the precious district with the most important satisfaction of citizens in Las Vegas, one of the city services for the smile to appear on said road and one by one they perform happiness of the new buses, wished to be used for nice trips. Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr.Osman Gürün; Di When Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has two airports, there is a demand from many citizens about airport transportation in our city. We have initiated transportation-related activities, one of the powers of the law. We have determined that every citizen of Mugla, which is the town of 13, cannot benefit from this service which is owned by one company. 2014 In August, we started to provide airport transportation services with our airport in Istanbul, Muğla, the only province with two airports. Milas-Bodrum airport for Milas, Yatagan, Mentese, Dalaman airport Fethiye, Koycegiz, Ortaca, Marmaris and Datça district in the summer months we serve. Our new bus 8 will be on the road for more beautiful journeys. Our valued and world-renowned brand 13, our citizens are satisfied with this service. Thanks to our citizens, thank you to say, the satisfaction of our services is the greatest happiness of us. Im

X 931 Million TL Investment in Muğla “

Muğla, all the services of citizens, tradesmen think that they acted as the Mayor of Mugla Metropolitan Municipality. Osman Gure's take an example that many municipalities in Turkey and won the first prize in the transformation of transport he said that it is the best example. President Gürün; I Transformation is completed by 96 per cent across the province. At first we were approached with distance and our shopkeepers hesitated from our service at the moment our tradesmen are also very satisfied. We act in a citizen-focused manner in all our services in Muğla. To date, we have invested a million TL in 931. He deserves the best of his service. In



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