Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project Tender to be Completed at 2018

Minister Tüfenkci said, "In the new system that will put the bureaucracy together with the Presidential government system, nothing will happen to the citizens, and nobody will have the opportunity to come to power despite the citizen."

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci came together with the headman of the 28 neighborhood in Ankara for the General Assembly of the Mukhtars Association.

Malatya Mukhtars Association President Mustafa Eren and the accompanying delegates congratulating the Minister Tüfenkci, Malatya stressed that it is important for them. Minister Tüfenkci stated that the expectations of the muhtars were to serve to Malatya and said atya Our common denominator of service to Malatya Muh.

Turkey goes to a new system

TÜFENKÇİ while underlining that you want to apply to take effective and quick decisions in Turkey, "the presidential system of government, together with the bureaucracy there will be nothing that did not want the citizens of the new system to be put under his hand, although citizens will not be anyone's ability to come to power. There are those who are disturbed by this, there are many games for this. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is elected, but there are those who want to condemn it to the opposition or to fail this system. Candidates are not yet clear, but whoever is the first priority service to the nation no matter who they are. Let those who will break this game ols found in the assessment.

We must work together for service

Minister Tüfenkci touched upon the necessity of working for Malatya to serve all together, hep Political power should be supported for the projects to be alive. The important thing is that we take care of you, you take care of us. Together we have to serve Malatya. We will guide you. We will lead the way to serve Malatya, we will build the infrastructure. You will provide service to Malatya with your determined stance and support on the road we have opened. Siz

Malatya 6. benefit from regional incentives

Underlining that Malatya is a very advantageous province for services and investments, Minister Tüfenkci continued his speech as follows:

Dı Giving this period to Malatya as a political ministry enabled many services to be implemented quickly. For example, the ring road had remained the same for decades. Those who follow closely know. Due to the expropriation problem, a tender could not be made. Praise be to God 16,5 miles were made expropriation. Tender was made, 6 site was established in separate locations. Quickly the way in time will be finished. We make Malatya a crossroads in the transportation. Ulaşım We supported Inonu University. 2. Our university is making a beautiful campus at the point of meeting the intermediate staff within the Organized Industry. Our young people will be trained there. We have made such an investment in Malatya. Our efforts in taking Malatya among the provinces within the scope of the Attractive Centers have yielded results. In this way, Malatya will come to the level it deserves in terms of export by taking necessary support for investment and incentives. With the arrangement made within the scope of the Center of Attraction, Malatya is now 6. Will be able to benefit from regional incentives. Along with the new regulation, Malatya will bring economic growth, and employment and production will increase. When we look at the applications at the moment, the excess of demand makes us laugh Şu

Tüfenkci pointed out the importance of the high-speed train for Malatya, "Malatya's one of the biggest dreams of the fast train project was taken in this period, I hope the tender will be completed in 2018 and a dream will be realized," he said.

Minister Tüfenkci stated that Malatya nurses are working to meet their needs in accessing finance. “As you know, Halk Bank regional directorate was not in our province, our tradesmen and merchants went to other provinces and lost their time and money. 2 months later, with the permission of Allah, our Malatya will have a Halk Bank. ”

We are the brand in health tourism

Tüfenkci mentioned that Malatya is a brand city in terms of health tourism with the innovations made in Malatya in the period of ministry and he said:

Her Upon completion of the Oncology hospital in Malatya, 210 will be an important center for every branch of cancer. Our effort to be a research and training hospital of our public hospital gave results. Hopefully, we will set up a very nice hospital with a 500 bed next to the Battalgazi Old State Hospital. The construction of the Obstetrics and Children's Hospital continues. We will soon lay the foundation for our physical therapy center. Therefore, we will establish a state hospital with 100 beds in Doğanşehir. Will be auctioned in May. We built Hekimhan. Yeşilyurt State Hospital's renovation work continues. It will be opened in June or July. Health in Malatya has no problem. We had health tourism at the University in Malatya İnönü University. An agreement was made with Pakistan. Pakistan and kidney and liver patients began to come to Malatya. The decision to open an aged care unit for our elderly people in TOKİ was made and will be done TO

Minister Tüfenkci stated that water should be concentrated in the coming period and said mek In order to solve our watering problem, we should implement closed system and protect all our waters with ponds. Beyler stream dam will be opened in this year, Arguvan also accelerated Yoncalı Dam studies içerisinde he said.

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