Minister Arslan 'Channel Istanbul' Description

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the Channel Istanbul Project is not only a project of 81 million, but the project of the oppressed and the victims of the world.

TÜGV to Armstrong in his speech at the opening of the Kars branch, stated that played games for many years on Turkey, "until the AK Party government in this region requires their benefit what, Turkey was doing it." He said.

Reminding that the mobilization of the railway was initiated during the Ottoman Empire, Arslan stated that the Ottomans did not only settle for the Anatolian geography but also built the railway for the Hijaz.

Arslan, the Republic in the early years of independence, the struggle for the future, even in the absence of the ancestor said that the railroad, said:

I The railway was left to its fate by 1950 by 2003. From 1950 to 2003, railway will be public transportation, people will go from one place to another comfortably, take the burden comfortably and the dependence on foreign countries will decrease. So they sold us the cars to sell their cars, and cut off the engineers who made the Revolution car to sell us their trucks. And they also cut the way for our engineers.

”A car developed with the belief that the revolution car is a Turkish worker“
Until the year 2003 domestic aircraft, the car is not allowed to do and those who want to do the way to cut Arsan, continued his words as follows:

. If we were allowed to do those scouts that day, if we had duplicated them, Bombardier and Airbus will be the 3 of the world today. the country that made flights to airlines, we would become the world's leading warplanes and exporters. Revolution car Turkish engineer, developed by the belief of the Turkish workers. If the road had been given, we would not stay with the car today. Today we would be the country that built its truck and bus. Kamyon

Minister Arslan, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that many projects have been implemented, he said:
Tı 'I will make the railways a state policy again, and in real terms, I will bring this country from Kars to Edirne from Sinop to Mersin with high-speed train networks, I will introduce my people to high-speed train,' he said. 'Fatih Sultan Mehmet had carried the ships from the land, I will run the trains from the sea.' Yet someone said 'You can not do', but thank God. 'I will run the cars under the sea.' Indeed, he did. They did not settle for years, 'for years they will make the highway that connects Osmangazi Bridge to Yalova from Izmir to Izmir, and we will build a bridge,' but they were supposed to. Who did this, of course, is our President, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. However, he said, 'I will protect Istanbul, which is the most important legacy of the ancestor like Istanbul, I will pull the heavy traffic to the north of the city and make the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge,' he said. Thank God he did it too. Allah

Arslan stated that the Canal Istanbul Project cost 81 million and said:
X Today they say that 'Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge has escaped, we could not stop, Osmangazi Bridge, 3. the airport was running out, we couldn't stop. This Tayyip Erdogan is not satisfied with these, 1915 also started the Çanakkale Bridge, we could not stop it. Best of all, we stop Channel Istanbul 'Sorry, the channel Istanbul is of course the project of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but not forget that Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a project that cost 81 million. So this project is not just a project of this project, the project of 81 million, the project of the oppressed and the victims of the world. You're just going to say a word. With God's permission 24 You'll be ashamed of what you've said without looking back in the 12 selection in June as you scratch your nape. Ler

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