Halkalı-Gebze Commuter Line Will Be Served By 43 Station

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications; most of the completed and expected to be put into service by the end of this year Halkalı-Gebze Banliyö Hattı’nda 23 Mayıs 2018 tarihinde yapılan test sürüşüne katıldı.

Test drive, Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Suat Hayri Aka, Deputy Undersecretary Orhan Birdal, General Director of Infrastructure Investments Erol Çıtak, General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydın, General Director of TCDD Transport Inc. Veysi Kurt and other officials.

Yapımı devam eden Halkalı-Gebze Banliyö Hattı’ndaki çalışmaları yerinde inceleyen ve çalışmalar hakkında bilgi veren Arslan; “Memnuniyetle ifade etmek isterim ki, 20 kilometrelik Avrupa Yakası, yaklaşık 43 kilometrelik de Anadolu Yakası olmak üzere, her iki hatta da yüzde 81’lik ilerleme sağlamış durumdayız. Hedefimiz, aralık sonu itibariyle inşallah hattın tamamını işletmeye açmak.” dedi.

77 will be folded per minute line 115 per minute

Banliyö hattı hakkında bilgi vermeye devam eden Arslan; “Halkalı’dan Gebze’ye mevcut banliyö hatlarının metro standartlarına getirilmesi ve Marmaray araçları kullanılmak suretiyle de 77 kilometrelik güzergahın hiçbir aktarma olmadan bir boydan bir boya 115 dakikada kat edilmesi anlamında çok önemli olan bir projemizin bugün Avrupa Yakası’nda 20 kilometrelik mesafeyi sizlerle birlikte test sürüşüyle geldik.” dedi.

81 part of the line is completed

He added that the current system from Kazlıçeşme to Ayrılıkçeşme was connected to the bottom of the sea and that Marmaray vehicles were in service for the 5 years. Ini However, the cancellation of the suburban lines on the Anatolian side and on the European side completely and the removal of 3 even plus the service provided in the subway our processes were continuing. Previously, there was a problem caused by our contractors in the procurement processes and the business was still in our hands because we had to renew the tender again. However, I would like to express my satisfaction that we have achieved a progression of 20 on both sides, including the European side of the 43 kilometer and the Asian side of the 81 kilometer. Etmek

Our target is to open the whole line by the end of December

M Our aim is to finish the rough construction by the end of August this year and to finish the electrification and signaling works that we have already started in the next 81 month. By the end of the year until the end of the year by completing the test this year, hopefully open the entire line to operate. I would like to express that there is no hitch in this business. Bu

The Passenger We Will Carry On At One Time Will Be 3 Bin 56 Person

Arslan continued his speech: “The rails were laid on both sides. As previously constructed rails have been ordered from abroad, we continue to process the rail spreading process by using the domestic rails manufactured in Karabük recently. Marmaray vehicles are serving to Kazlıçeşme with five sets from Ayrılıkçeşme. It carries about a thousand 530 passengers. Hopefully when we open the whole line, we will have five sets of sets as well as five sets. The passenger we will carry at a time in the sets will be 3 bin 56. On he said.

We will carry 75 Thousand to One Way per Hour

Arslan stated that all of the 440 vehicles to be used in Marmaray have been ordered before. "440 300 them again the vehicle was manufactured in Turkey. I hope we will do 28 expeditions per hour. The two-minute train range means that we will carry the 75 one-way ride in one way. When you think about the whole day, we will be able to carry the 1 million 200 thousand people with Marmaray vehicles. Gün

38 New Station

Providing information about the stations, Arslan said, hakkında We are building a new station 38 within the framework of suburban lines. The work is going well in our stations. With the 43 station, we will serve on the 77 kilometer. Seven of these 43 stations will also have stations where mainline trains, high-speed trains stop. Aynı

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