Governor Balkanlıoğlu participated in the Iftar Program held in TÜVASAŞ

Sakarya Governor Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) attended the iftar program organized by the General Directorate.

The program started with the recitation of Koran and prayers at Tüvasaş facilities as well as Governor Balkanlıoğlu; Garrison and Brigade Commander P. Alb. Mustafa Cüneyt Arıkan, Deputy Governor Erdoğan Ülker, Mehmet Zeki Koçberber, Provincial Police Director Fatih Kaya, TÜVASAŞ General Manager. Dr. Ilhan Kocaarslan, TCDD managers, Roketsan, Tulomsas and Tudemsas General Managers, members of the judiciary, commanders, deputy candidates, representatives of public institutions and organizations, Tüvasaş employees and their families attended.

TÜVASAŞ, one of the most important organizations in our country, they will do a very good work, the factory is currently a very large density is going on and will soon sign big projects that express the General Manager. Dr. Kocaarslan, the Governor, especially due to their participation in the program, the General Managers of our province and the organization's employees and their families, he said thank you.

Stating that it is very nice to have a wide participation in the program that includes TÜVASAŞ employees and their families, as well as our local and national capital, our affiliated institutions and TCDD General Managers, Governor Balkanlıoğlu said, “Allahuteala We have come to the month of Ramadan, which is a boon for us, and we have approached about 10 days, the numbered days are passing quickly. Hopefully, we will benefit from the well-known Ramadan, where the head is mercy, the middle is forgiveness and the end is redemption from hell.

We are proud of what our esteemed General Manager said. Turkey increasingly developing, growing and advancing rapidly towards becoming a great example of a country in the region. The main indicators of being a big country are the importance of the railway network being widespread like the State Railways and getting rid of being dependent on foreign technology by producing this technology ourselves. In the 10th year anthem, we say 'We have equipped the dormitories with four entrances', but after the 10th year, almost 50-60 years, the railways have never been handed, so while the additional mileage number did not reach 50-100 kilometers, we have covered very good distances in this issue in the last 10-15 years. . State Railways were a bit neglected in land-air-sea transportation, but recently our country has been among the countries that can use rare high-speed and high-speed trains in the world. In fact, railways are the cheapest and most convenient system of transportation in all respects. The railways are very important when you consider the major accidents on the roads in terms of both logistics and passengers. Having railway technology is also an indicator of a strong economy with great export potential. Studies and efforts on this issue seem to be above the level that will be appreciated in the present time. Hopefully, soon, our national high-speed trains will show up on our railways, and perhaps we will export them to many places. All kinds of varieties will be made, they are currently being made, but it is very important that this patent belongs to us, that is, it is national. Our engineers and teams work hard on this issue. "I congratulate our General Manager, staff, R&D team, supporting supplier industry and all the participants," I hope, will soon have great gospels. "

At the end of the program, for a while sohbet Balkanlıoğlu also wished that we spend the joy of Ramadan in unity and solidarity.

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