Giant German Thyssenkrupp Elevator Opens Factory Turkey

thyssenkrupp will supply the elevator and walking stairs of the basaksehir Kayasehir metro line
thyssenkrupp will supply the elevator and walking stairs of the basaksehir Kayasehir metro line

German giant Thyssenkrupp Elevator's first manufacturing plant with an investment of 20 million euros went into service in Turkey. In the past year, 7.7 billion euro turnover in the world, the company has more than a thousand employees 50. The factory that will be opened will create 500 million pounds in the first place

Initially, the year 1.200 unit producing escalators that will create a volume 500 million TL will be produced in plants located in Kocaeli Dilovası "Made in Turkey" stamp escalators, will be offered for sale in the Turkey market as well as the Middle East and Eastern European markets. ThyssenKrupp Elevator Thus, Turkey will have positioned the region as the epicenter of the escalator exports.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the new facility, Deputy Prime Minister and Kocaeli Deputy Fikri Işık said, “There is no distinction between domestic and foreign for us in Turkey. Every company that invests in this country is a Turkish company. For us, it is local and national. It is unreasonable and unreasonable to regard companies that support our development and our well-being as foreigners. A smart investment made right is for everyone. kazanyelling.” said.

Locality ratio will rise above 902

The Turkey Investment Agency Chairman Anil Ermut said:

"How much is an important market for Turkey's international Companies with this investment, this investment is happening has been confirmed once again. As the Agency, we prioritize the sectors that reduce import dependency and increase exports. This plant is planned to provide 50% 90 for the first year and XNUMX for the coming years. Therefore, this investment of thyssenKrupp is important with this aspect. A circular of the Prime Ministry and the Localization Steering Committee were established. In this way, in the coming period; we will increase the localization rate in strategic sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor products, machinery installation, motor vehicles, rail systems, food and informatics sanayi.

Contribute to local and national

Speaking at the opening ceremony Thyssenkrupp Elevator Global Board Member and CFO Ercan Keles, "for Turkey's domestic and national 'concept of being recently stated that great meanings, and we see a really great importance. We believe that we will contribute to this concept with our new investment. Thyssenkrupp Elevator is not only a company that produces products that meet the standards, but also sets the standards and raises the quality bar with the technologies it develops. Pre-production research and development studies are of great importance for our company. Thanks to this innovative approach, we have developed and continue to develop numerous new technologies such as rope-free elevators, elevator cabins operating independently of each other in the same shaft. The knowledge of the technology behind our new factory I mentioned we are now moving to Turkey. Turkish engineers and workers working in our factory will make production by using this knowledge and contribute to the concept of 'local and national' ”, he said.

The factory, which was brought to life with an investment of 20 million Euros, has a closed area of ​​27 thousand square meters on an area of ​​23 thousand square meters. In this area, there is also an education campus with the investment made in people. This training all employees in Turkey and neighboring countries, private elevators and escalators in the center will find the opportunity to receive education. - HaberTürk

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