Explanation to DHMİ's 20 Euro Service Fee News at the New Airport

First time Kokpit.aeroannounced by the State Airports Authority about the 20 € passenger service fee included in the tender for the Istanbul New Airport.

15 $ passenger service fee reflected in the international flights at Ataturk Airport will be charged as € 20 with the new airport's commissioning. Due to the exchange rate difference of approximately 40 has been announced by the State Airports Authority regarding the tariff.

Explanation by the State Airports Authority;

The following explanation was deemed necessary due to the erroneous evaluations regarding the “charges to be paid for international passengers at Istanbul New Airport” in the news and social media posts in some media outlets.

It is not reflected in the fact that an additional fee is mentioned in the news and shares. 20 € fee mentioned in the news; it is defined as the passenger service charge.

The airport operator receives a certain fee per passenger for the services (passenger, safety, etc.) provided to the passengers at airports all over the world. This fee differs from country to country, even from square to square within the same country. The latest system security devices and advanced technology equipped with the highest level of passenger comfort for the passengers who will go to Istanbul New Airport 20 € fee will be applied to the passengers determined by considering these factors, many airports in the same scale is applied in the application of wages.



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