70 Different Point of Bursa 7 Day 24 Time Under Observation

Bursa's 70 7 24 day XNUMX observations of the city cameras that control the city center of the visit of the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, who met the meticulous work of the Metropolitan Municipality 'Smart City' applications in Europe will be one of the example cities, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa 7 24 XNUMX hours of monitoring under the watch 'Camera System Control Center. Providing information about the work done by President Aktas, Bursa's rapid growth and development, drawing attention to,, Every day, innovations are participating in Bursa. We at the beginning of this change and transformation, we are carrying out significant work değişim.

'Smart cities, smart municipality' assessing this point about the application, describing the activities to be carried out and the President Aktas, "Bursa, Turkey with the 3 4 million population. one of the most important centers of the big city and Europe. Bursa, which is a special city with its industrial, trade and tourism identities, has a serious density from main arteries to side streets. Our metropolitan municipality 'with the services of the city cameras' Bursa' s traffic flow to many tourist attractions, providing instantaneous monitoring of many points, besides contributing to the security of the city contributes to the emergence of our values.

70 camera at different point

President Aktaş said that new investments were made in the sense of ensuring complete security in Bursa. Taş At present, there are city cameras at different points in our city. The 70 number of these cameras gives an image of the traffic flow, while the number of 45s can be watched instantly. In the last month, our new cameras have been included in the system at different points in 25, in front of the university (İzmir Road), Ata Boulevard, Görükle, Uludağ Road and Andalusia Park. This year, 5 cameras will be installed in different locations and the inspections will be concentrated Bu.

People watching 2000 per day

Metropolitan Municipality of the traffic cameras in the center of the signalized intersections according to the instant data indicating that the President Aktas, said the traffic was interrupted according to the intensity. Mayor Aktaş said, lüğü Our Traffic Branch Directorate is rapidly implementing the necessary works for extension extension transactions. Here, the target is to detect and intervene as soon as possible. City cameras are followed by 2000 people daily. In the last month, 35 thousand visitors have been followed by our city cameras outside of Bursa. Our Citizens'bursabüyükşehir.tv On the internet site, 'can watch all city cameras alongside promotional films' he said.

Chairman Aktas, the mobile application is also continuing work, recalling mobile phones from the city cameras in recent years can be accessed, he said. Chairman Aktas, "Our goal, everyone in Bursa" with every point of the city 'is to meet on the internet immediately, "he explained.

Example city target in Europe

Mayor Aktas said that he could benefit from city cameras in possible events and problems and he said the following:

Var There are serious steps and efforts related to the implementation of Metropolitan Municipality's 'smart city'. We hope to be one of the example cities in Europe with the investments we will make after today. Recently, our friends have made some determinations about it abroad. Our smart city applications will continue to increase Akıllı

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