7 Company Participated in Kocaeli Rail System Lines Tender

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to implement rail systems, one of the leading systems of modern transportation, throughout the city. The tramway application in the center of Izmit is in great demand from the citizens, while the Metropolitan Municipality is working on new projects. In this context, the first step was taken for two subway and four new tram lines and the tender took place. 7 company participated in pre-qualification tender.

According to the project, there will be an 37 kilometer metro line final project to the Gulf Kirazliyalı and Kartepe Cengiz Topel Airport in the north. A preliminary project will be prepared for the 21 kilometer metro line in Gölcük-İzmit direction to the south. Again, preliminary project work will be carried out on the Gulf-İzmit-17 kilometer tram line. The final project of Kuruçeşme, the City Hospital and the Alikahya stadium will be integrated in the form of three new lines, including 8 kilometers.

The Kuruçeşme line will be connected to the Paljyolu tram line by extending the 1 mileage. Alikahya stadium line will reach the current line with Yahya Kaptan by reaching the 3 bin 500 meters. Again, the 3 bin 500 meter City Hospital line will be connected to the tram line in Bekirdere region. The existing tram line will be divided into forks in the 3 region. City Hospital and stadium tram line part will be completed in 120 days. There will be 2 in Kuruçeşme line and 5 stop in 7 stadium line in Hospital line.

Körfez Kirazliyalı and Kartepe Cengiz Topel Airport The 37 stop will take place on the 24 kilometer metro line. 6 of them will be built in the Körfez district of 3 in Yarımca, 3 in Tütünçiftlik and 3 in Derince district. 10 of the stops will be in Izmit region and 5 will be in Kartepe region.

Metropolitan Municipality organized a pre-qualification tender for new rail system lines. 7 company participated in the tender. The companies that are deemed suitable for the project in the pre-qualification tender will then participate in the tender for the construction work where the prices are presented.

Companies participating in the pre-qualification tender:
1-Water Structure
2-Eng. Arc. + Apco Technical
3-Ove Arup & Partners + Arup Müh.
4-Yüksel Project
5-Tpf Getinsa + Altınok Eng.
6-Optim Obermayer + Erka AS
7-Proyapı Eng.

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