1 Billion Dollar Currency Xsex 3. Stage Rail System Project Started

The largest project in the history of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 1, costing about billion pounds Varsak- Zerdalilik 3. Türel said that the Stage Rail System Project has begun and said that they want to finish the Varsak-Bus Station section before the local elections and connect it to the system.

Mayor Menderes Türel, who participated in the High Blood Pressure program of journalist Ali Buldu, broadcasted on Kanal V, answered questions and told about his services. The largest project in the history of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 1, costing about billion pounds Varsak- Zerdalilik 3. Türel said that the construction of the Stage Rail System Project has started and that the new storage area will be located behind the former Varsak Municipality. President Turel, Varsak-Otogar stage before the end of the local elections, said they want to connect the new line to the system. Pointing out that they completed the world record in a time like 2 5.5 Stage Rail System between Meydan and Aksu, Türel said, or We are competing with ourselves ”.

Transportation to Konyaalti by rail system
Within the scope of the project, renewing the nostalgia tram, extending to Education Research Hospital, explaining that they will integrate into the system Türel, so that the stop in front of the Museum, Antalya and Konyaalti Coast Project can be reached from many points said. Stating that they will gain the underground metro line between Antalya and Kundu with one arm extending to Varsak after Antalya 2019, Türel stated that they have received all necessary public permits. Explaining that they will continue public transportation during the night during the summer, Türel said that the public is pleased with the new body lines.

I'm going to market your yarns.
Saying that there is no vision of the opposition trying to discredit their services, President Türel said, “We are doing the Konyaaltı coast project. They accused us of closing the beach. They threw us the slander we were going to close. Konyaaltı beach is now opened section by section. Go see it chirping. People come and use more than before. Most critics use it. They criticized me at the intersection. They said we will fill it when we come on duty. Why didn't 5 stay in office for years? Now I see all those who accuse us of closing the public in Konyaaltı. I'm going to put most of them into the market. Who said the truth? Now what? I will share them with the public in time ”.

We did what we committed
“Whenever we do something nice for Antalya, the unwanted or political renters are immediately emerging, Tür Turel said. For this reason, Menderes Türel and the AK Party rulers do not make them. Let's discredit him. Cetin Osman Budak says that the intersections of concrete project in Antalya, what benefits. One asks, learns and talks like that. Aspendos Junction saves 25 million, time and cash for the economy. Of course, criticism. Let me Menderes Türel why you save this twice; Let's say you didn't make 25 million, not 50 million. That's how they criticize. Have a vision. Don't, don't, don't want it, there's no vision. 2014'de what we have committed 19 29 intersection has been. There will be 2019-33 until 34. What's in your commitments. We want projects not to compete for politics in Antalya. Say we want it at once. ”

Kırcami problem solved
Stating that Kırcami problem is in the solution stage, President Türel stated that “30 is an annual problem. Kırcami plans always 'pretended' as our county municipalities. The election time was remembered and then forgotten. It is almost an inevitable necessity to fulfill the demands of the citizens justified during this period. We have completed the top-scale plans as soon as we take office. Then the sub-scale, that is, thousands of plans were completed. 18 zoning application was completed within the authority of Muratpaşa Municipality. We will not approve for us in a long time, we said we will approve a week. Muratpaşa Municipality completes the latest studies on the evaluation of objections related to 18 application. Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal 5 stated that the objections will be sent to the Metropolitan in June for approval. I would also like to thank the Mayor Mayor. He didn't do politics, he tried to solve the problem. Together we have solved a problem as mayor of 2 different party. I say good luck. ”

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