Free Pass-Through for Foreign-Plate Tools Removed

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, "Foreign license plate drivers will pay a fee according to the determined tariff if they pass through the paid highway regardless of whether they are Turkish citizens or not."

Armstrong, in a statement, said foreign vehicles of Turkey's highways and bridges that exist for their use without paying fees and terms of the national economy is causing serious harm.

Arslan stated that the studies on the tolls to be applied to the vehicles with foreign license plates have been continuing for a long time and reminded that the regulation on the collection of the toll fees and administrative fines for the vehicles with foreign plates on paid highways was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Arslan pointed out that within the scope of the said regulation, foreign plate vehicles with toll and administrative fines must pay their debts, "Foreign license plate drivers will pay a fee according to the determined tariff if they cross the paid highway regardless of whether they are Turkish citizens or not." said.

Foreign-plate vehicle driver, any of the toll collection system should be subscribers and should be available with sufficient balance to keep the label emphasizing the Arslan, the vehicle user, the label to be robust and operational, the car license plate clean and legible status will be held responsible for said.

In addition to the transfer fee of the distance between the entrance and exit of the General Directorate of Highways to Arslan, the General Directorate of General Directorate of Highways, Arslan underlined that the administrative fee of 10 is to be imposed in the amount of 15. reported no fine.

"The toll will be charged by informing the driver"

Arslan stated that the administrative fees and fines which will be applied to foreign-plate vehicles will be collected by informing the driver without any notification requirement and he added:

“The collection of fees and fines for the vehicles in question will be made primarily at roadside inspection stations in the country. It will be checked by the Ministry of Customs and Trade whether there are toll fees and related administrative fines for vehicles that cannot be paid and collected and arrive at the border gates to leave the country. If debt appears, the vehicle driver will make the payment. The fee for the vehicles with foreign license plates that are not included in the toll collection system or that violates the passage due to the insufficient balance in the toll collection system, the amount of the penalty if an administrative fines have been applied, the license plate, the province or district in which the violation occurred, the record information of the vehicle owner and the 15 following the date of the violation. It will be transferred electronically to the Revenue Administration at the end of the th day. "

Explaining that the collection of tolls and administrative fines is planned to be made online through customs gates, fiscal counters, PTT branches, weight control centers and electronic systems, Arslan said, “The necessary infrastructure work has started within the General Directorate of Highways. The new system to be established, including the infrastructure works regarding other institutions and organizations, is expected to be put into service this year. he spoke.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:21

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