Minister Arslan: "We Planned The Construction Of 400 Kilometers New Road In TRNC"

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Turkey's, Turkish Cypriot citizens of the future with confidence look and said he attached great importance to enhancing the economic development level, "In this sense, our relations with the TRNC, not like our relations with other countries and compares with nature." said.

Minister Arslan, TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transport Tolga Atakan and his accompanying delegation met in his office.

Speaking at the meeting, Arslan expressed his pleasure in hosting Atakan, who recently started his post.

Turkey has to look confidently to the future of the TRNC and noted that much importance to improving the economic development level Arslan, "Our relationship with this sense of Cyprus does not look like our relations with other countries, the nature and incomparable. We have deep-rooted and special relationships. In this context, our country will continue its stable stance and full support for TRNC today and in the future. ” he spoke.

Speaking about the transportation investments in TRNC, Arslan gave the following information about these investments:

“Within the scope of the TRNC Highway Master Plan, we have aimed to build approximately 2012 kilometers of roads, between 2020 and 255, and 145 kilometers of which is the only road. Within the mentioned Master Plan implementation project, we have allocated 400 million TL in 2018. As of this year, four road construction and one repair and superstructure reinforcement tender are being carried out in the TRNC. The total project cost is 70 million liras, 396 million liras have been spent, and by 122, it is aimed to invest approximately 2020 million liras by making 68 kilometers of divided roads and 14 kilometers of secondary roads. ”

Arslan, Turkey and the TRNC signed agreement also stated that many e-government projects TRNC communication projects total physical realization rate of 40 percent, the ratio of cash realization voiced level is 26 percent.

Explaining that works for projects such as Customs Information System, Ministry of National Education Information System, TRNC Public Joint Data Center Installation, E-government Gate are continuing, Arslan noted that this year, 35 million TL has been allocated for e-government projects for TRNC.

Arslan, working with the TRNC and Turkey's transport sub-sectors in communication issues and added that he was ready to support them.

After the speeches, each minister presented a gift to each other.

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