Wagon Repair Factory Is Now On The Tender, But More!

The Wagon Repair Factory (VOF) lands, which were signed for the transfer to the Red Crescent, were once again sold by the Privatization Administration. It was published in the Friday issue of the Official Gazette by the Privatization Administration along with the buildings on the 500 acres of the factory. However, this time, the tender specifications, the factory and the land of the Turkish Red Crescent, who aspire to participate in the tender, the items drew attention.

The 500 parcel of 5, which is built for the purpose of Wagon Repair Factory and then transferred to Sümer Holding A.Ş., will be sold as a whole. The deadline for submission of tenders for the parcels, which are considered as industrial and storage areas, is determined as the end of April working hours.

Following the launch of the Wagon Repair Factory, the Turkish Red Crescent reportedly aspired to produce prefabricated disaster houses, the Red Crescent will also be among the bidders, claiming that the tender is intended to carry out a procedure for the transfer.

In the tender specifications, the following articles, which allow the Turkish Red Crescent, which has the status of 'association', to participate in the tender, drew attention:

Ecek 1-Procurement shall be carried out with the zarf Proclamation of Certain Bidders İhale procedure specified in the 4046 / Cc clause of the Law No. 18 by receiving offers and negotiations, including investment, production and employment commitments in a closed envelope.

2 - Real and legal persons and Joint Venture Groups (OGG) may participate in the procurement, Associations and Foundations (provided that they can acquire real estate in their establishment documents / provision of commercial companies). Mutual funds can also be members of OGG OG Yatırım

Source: Guler HAZAR, New Malatya Newspaper- malatyahaber.com

Günceleme: 27/12/2018 16:39

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  1. The good news is that the area, which has been kept idle for years, needs to be resolved as soon as possible.