Dalaman Train Station

dalaman train station
dalaman train station

There is a station in Muğla Dalaman. To date, neither a train nor a single ticket has been bought at the box office. The summary of his story is simply “confusion”…

When it comes to the train station, there are divergences, good-byes and reunions. This has never happened in Dalaman Train Station.

Year 1893 X

Abbas Hilmi Pasha, at that time was the last Egyptian Khedive.

One day he went to Dalaman at Sarsala Bay, which is a mile away. The nature of the likes of the region began to visit more frequently.

Hilmi Pasha, who was an avid enthusiast, had first built a warehouse at Sarsala Bay. Then he built a road from the bay to Dalaman.

When the Egyptian governor came to Dalaman, most places were swamp. He dried them up and erected the eucalyptus trees that he brought from Egypt. Thus, Hilmi Pasha was the entire property of the region.

In Dalaman there was a farmhouse where Selim III gave his mother to Mihrişah Hatun as a gift. This house included all of Dalyan, Ortaca, Güzelyurt and Dalaman.

Hilmi Pasha decided to have a beautiful hunting lodge near the farm.

Things get mixed up

At that time, railway construction was one of the biggest projects of the Ottoman Empire. Railway lines were installed in many parts of the country.

Apart from the hunting lodge, the Pasha had a train station project. This city was built by the city of Alexandria, Egypt.

These two construction plans were commissioned by French architects and workers. But things did not go as planned. There was a confusion and the materials for the Train Station were moved to Dalaman, and the hunting lodge was moved to Alexandria.

Workers started construction as soon as possible, the base of the garage had been laid until the mistake was noticed.

They even added a ticket booth in front of the building.

Rays without trays

The Dalaman Train Station, which was built by mistake, could not send passengers. Train tracks are not even close to the nearest railway station of the station 200 kilometers ları

Instead of demolishing the railway station, Abbas Hilmi Pasha built a mosque next to it.

In 1928, when a loan from Turkish Industrial Bank could not be paid, the train station and III. The farm that Selim had built was confiscated by the state.

The garage, which is the gendarmerie station until 1958, now serves the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM).

Source: TRT Haber



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