Turkey's Civil Aviation Training of Trainers in Hale Future

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that, thanks to Turkish civil aviation, they have become one of the countries with the largest flight network in the world, the number of airline passengers, which was 34,4 million, reached 193 million last year. said.

The Turkish Civil Aviation Academy, which was implemented with the support of the European Union by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, was opened.

Speaking at the opening Arslan, noting that the academy co-funded by the EU and Turkey, said that the most important indicators of social well-being of the rapidly growing aviation sector in parallel to globalization and technological development.

Arslan, Turkey, noting that it has a great potential in this context, can be reached from Turkey 3-3,5 hour flight to about 60 countries, he told the annual GDP of these countries is 35 trillion dollars.

Referring to the importance of aviation in benefiting from trade and transportation consisting of this GDP, Arslan stated that within the framework of these horizons, they have made great strides in aviation in 15 years.

“In 15 years, Turkish civil aviation has made a great breakthrough with our broad horizons. The first thing we did was liberalize the aviation industry. Today, THY is among the world's biggest players in civil aviation. This is our pride. However, due to the development of civil aviation, our other airline companies also grew and became stronger. he spoke.

In the last 15-16 years, Arslan talked about the developments in aviation industry, 2 26 from the center to the domestic flights to 7 point 55 point to the domestic flights today, 50 60 to the international flights to the point in the 2017 country 119 point of the end of the 296 XNUMX end of the country reached the XNUMX point reached.

Arslan said, "There will be no point in the world that we cannot reach." Within the framework of this goal, Turkish civil aviation has become one of the countries with the largest flight network in the world. He spoke in the form.

In the shadow of these developments, the 2003 million in 34,4, the number of passengers reached 193 million last year, said Arslan, the targets to go over 200 million.

"We will build new airports in Antalya and Alaçatı"

Arslan said that "Almost all of the population will have an airport within 100 kilometers," and stated that they have reached 55 airports in this context, as well as Istanbul New Airport, Rize-Artvin Airport, Çukurova Airport, Yozgat Airport, Karaman Airport, Gümüşhane-Bayburt Airport. He told me that it started.

Arslan also said that they will expand their flight network further by building a new airport in the west of Antalya and in Alaçatı.

Expressing that the training of the personnel who will work at Istanbul New Airport is very important, Arslan stated that this academy will also play a major role in aviation training.

Arslan emphasized that in the field of aviation, as in all other areas, the importance of education, the creation of an education policy, are of vital importance to all stakeholders of the aviation sector.

"Turkey will become the training trainers in civil aviation"

Minister Arslan, "Turkey will become not only can train staff in the region in the country. It will even be able to train trainers. " said.

Arslan stated that the academy was realized with a budget exceeding 11 million euros in cooperation with the EU for the continuation of Turkish civil aviation success and that the academy was equipped with the most modern equipment.

Arslan gave the following information about the academy:

“The Turkish Civil Aviation Academy was built on an area of ​​23 thousand square meters with a budget exceeding 11 million Euros. Equipped with the most modern facilities and training tools, the academy consists of 4 floors and approximately 12 thousand square meters of closed area. In the building, there are 22 classrooms, 1 conference hall, 210 meeting rooms with a total of 5 people, 9 offices, a kitchen, a cafeteria, a shelter, an educator's room and a library.

Training courses for trainers were given in order to train instructors to work in the academy, a needs analysis was made for the courses that can be given in the training center and the necessary training materials were prepared. Turkish Civil Aviation Academy will lead the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries in the field of civil aviation training with its capacity to provide training to around 2 thousand local and foreign trainees annually.

Arslan, the academy, the future of Turkey and the region recording will help the training of talented aviation professionals, "the academy with we made cooperation agreement in the field of education with ICAO aviation safety and security will make an important contribution to ensuring a global scale." said.

Violeta Bulc, Member of the Commission for Transport, was also present at the event.

After the speeches, the opening ribbon of the academy Minister Arslan and officials found in the examination of the class.

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