TÜDEMSAŞ Focuses on R & D for New Products

To date, the company has delivered the 140 Sggmrs to TCDD Transport and plans to add new products to its portfolio in the short term.

Turkey produces railway wagons and spare parts Machinery Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ), boosted by a new generation of freight cars yerlilig. As a result of three years R & D studies of the new generation national freight wagons, 2017, the company that lowered it to rails in Sivas, planned the production of 150 units for the product in question. To date, the company has delivered the 140 Sggmrs to TCDD Transport and plans to add new products to its portfolio in the short term. TÜDEMSAŞ; ore transport wagon, heated cistern wagons, carriages xnumx'lik container, tank container carriages and wagons twin 45 feet of R & D, testing and production plans for continuing investment.

Since its establishment, 25 has produced a thousand freight cars and has repaired and repaired the 350 bin wagon. The new generation of domestic freight cars Sggmrs, not only in Turkey thanks to international instruments owned railways in many countries in Europe were produced in a position to do cargo. These wagons are getting heavy demand from railway transportation companies. European rail freight Rail Cargo Austria is the largest company in terms of the company, the new generation delivered to TCDD by renting TÜDEMSAŞ national freight wagons and wagon type Sgns uses in its operations in Europe.
Boji production capacity reaches 4 annually

90 feet from the wagon, 80-2019 2020 feet to be noted that they received more orders during 750 units company officials noted that they had started production preparation.

TÜDEMSAŞ excess of the load carrying capacity of the new generation of products, the length of economic life and uniform wagon with respect to providing the ability to make different types of transport stated that an innovative company officials, wagons stated that preferred in carrying loads both domestically and abroad. On the other hand, the company commissioned the bogie robot welding unit in the year of 2011, along with the robot welding unit used in the bogie line. Welding robots are effectively used in the welding of thin sheets in the automotive sector. However, the use of this technology in railway is not common, as the rail sector uses 4 to 1 millimeters. Company officials, the welding robot in the railway industry for the first time began to be used in TÜDEMSAŞ underlined. Since 20, the routine maintenance of the robot in question has been made uninterrupted. The company has established a standard in the production of bogie with the robot system it established.
Robots are used in wagon blasting plant

In the factory, using technological machines required by the industry for the research, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC wheel lathe, CNC shears, CNC plasma, CNC press brakes, bogies sandblasting, bogie washing, continuously strengthens its alyaps with different investments such as cars painting and sandblasting facility. Companies that use technology in order to make the investment of one wagon güncelleşti noted that his robotic system investment blasting plant officials noted that the wagon blasting operations carried out by robotic arms facilities. When the robot wagon sandblasting plant operates at full capacity, six of the wagons with surface area of ​​24 square meters can be made continuously at 200 hour. When the truck is a platform-type wagon with less surface area, this number can be as high as 10 per day.

Source: HİLAL SÖNMEZ - I www.dunya.co

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