Traffic Education from Erzurum Metropolitan

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality gives traffic education to primary school children. Students who are informed about vehicle and pedestrian safety at the specially constructed traffic training track in the Olympic Park are also subject to a special course on transportation and traffic lights.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said, 'We have been educating our children on this subject by constructing a Traffic Training Track at the Olympic Park as part of the Traffic Project, which was established for the purpose of safe transportation.

In this project carried out in cooperation with the Directorate of Traffic Department of Metropolitan Municipality and Erzurum Provincial Directorate of National Education, we also create traffic awareness in our children. Within the scope of the project, our children, who are subject to education before, are given practical trainings in the field. So far, within the scope of the project, the theoretical education has been transformed into practice. This year we will include our 5 school in the project. Bu



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