Remarkable Statements From Trabzon MMO About The Tram

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Trabzon Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Şaban Bülbül, Light Rail System project planned to be made in Trabzon, 61saat'e remarkable statements found.

Bülbül will go along the Yavuz Selim Boulevard from Akyazı and give a single line to the university from Değirmendere. he said.


Bülbül stated that there is no possibility of solving Trabzon traffic in its current state and said, “When the Light Rail System project was completed, what happened is a mystery now. There is nothing, no information about when it is done or what is being done. Therefore, Trabzon traffic needs specific solutions. Point solutions need to be produced to solve the traffic. The parking problem should also be solved in Trabzon city center. With them, the traffic of Trabzon can be relieved partially with dressing solutions. Unless a solution is produced, we have to get used to living with such traffic. " used the expressions.


Stating that alternative roads should be established for the light rail system project, Bülbül said, “The light rail system to be built will be built on the existing road route. This will also create a problem for Trabzon traffic during construction. Before that, the Kanuni Boulevard project must be finished. The solution should be started after alternative ways are made. But now the target is Kanuni Boulevard. Kanuni Boulevard should be finished as soon as possible and the solutions of the traffic problems after that should be looked at. The only problem is there is still no Transportation Master Plan in Trabzon. Transportation Master Plan should be prepared in Trabzon and a solution should be produced according to this plan, ”he said.


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