Must Return from Market Understanding in İZBAN

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The Aliağa Democracy Platform held a press release against the monetary system implemented in İZBAN.

The Aliağa Labor and Democracy Platform held a press release on the plus money system implemented in İZBAN. Platform, yönel İZBAN management has turned to market understanding with the latest application. This practice should be abandoned. Bu

Response to the plus money system implemented in IZBAN for months is 2. Aliağa Labor and Democracy Platform on the implementation of the press release in front of Aliağa İZBAN stop protested the plus money system. Description Platform Sözcüsü İlker Yüksek studied. High, “It is seen that there is no regulation in the system during the intervening period and the turmoil continues. This created system showed the consequences of its injustice in a very short time.

İZBAN Plus Money System

The price of liter of gasoline 6 TL, the dollar exceeds 4 TL and every morning we wake up to the news of hikes in the State Railways and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the partnership with the management of the money in the name of the citizens under the name of the public transportation system, the rate of up to 400 percent of the citizens and card blockages the confusion at the exits due to the machine they will remove has disappointed. ”

Platform components and Aliağa people who speak to the management of the High, ğı Thousands of workers work and an intense transportation movement experienced the Aliaga does not deserve this ferocity. The application should be abandoned as soon as possible. İZBAN management has turned to market understanding with the latest application. Listen to my voice, 90 free transfer should be continued in minutes, each person Izmirim card imposition should be terminated, the monthly pass must be applied to the application, X he said.

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