Are Questions Alleged Shock In TCDD, Promotion Exam Questions Distributed?

The United Transport Employees Union shared the official letter to the TCDD and the institution's response, stating that they were acting with their senses in a statement.


27 We filed a lawsuit on the date of 20107 on the cancellation of certain articles of the Directorate General of TCDD, which was enacted on December 23.02.2018.

On the other hand; TCDD has announced to the employees that the personnel who will take the exam in accordance with the related regulations should apply until 4 April 2018.

Along with the announcement, the more familiar focus was activated. For years, under the mask of trade unionism, all kinds of nepotism, irregular and untrustworthy appointments, transport, staff to be done as they did not do enough, such as the TCDD in the Rise and Title Change written and interview exam opportunity opportunity began to perceive.

The types of questions to be asked in the exams have been sent via WhatsApp as tür Questions to be asked in the exam Sınav even though they are not even determined by the institution. However, TIS, which is the main task of a trade union, and those who do not make a fair work environment, and who do not even have the power to take over the institutions, do not hesitate to do so.

In order to stop this situation, we immediately talked with the authorities and offered our suggestions for this disgrace and to make the examinations fair and objective. 11.04.2018 on this issue is the answer to the following.

As the BTS family we divide the employees, the institution with the unqualified assignment and nepotism that put this mentality and the tool that will be the tools of the public administrators to decipher the public in front of the judiciary to ask anyone to doubt.

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