Transportation Officer-Sen and TCDD Transportation Inc. Institution Administrative Board Meeting

The first company administrative board meeting of 2018 was held between the Transportation Officer-Sen and the General Directorate of TCDD.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş Deputy General Manager Çetin Altun, representing Transportation Officer-Sen, President Can Cankesen, Deputy General Presidents İbrahim Uslu, Kenan Çalışkan, Mehmet Yıldırım and TCDD General Directorate Heads of Departments attended. 14 items were discussed at the meeting.



Engineer, Technician, Technician and Technical Supervisor working in 1-Vehicle Maintenance workshops; to ensure the payment of land compensation for the work in the garden open area type outside the workshop.

(Accounting and Finance Department)

2- Resolving the transportation problem of the mechanic in the new HVAC Warehouse in Eryamanda,

(Support Services Department)

3- Implementation of protective food aid in collective bargaining

(Support Services Department)

4- Providing security personnel to prevent possible security weaknesses under the designated squad, especially the stations, and appointing them as civil servants at the request of the security personnel who exceed the age of 45.

(Human Resources and Support Services Department)

5- Opening of electronic transport by taking into consideration personnel transfer requests throughout the organization.

(Human Resources Department)

6- Supervisor appointments at all levels, such as Wagon Service Supervisor, Chief of Logistics, Warehouse Chief, at all levels, and substitutes from the deputies in the directorates.

(Human Resources Department)

7- Eliminating the active personnel shortage in titles such as wagon technician, logistics officer, train organizer,

(Human Resources Department)

8- Examinations for the promotion of the promotion and title change as soon as possible and opening the exams,

(Human Resources Department)

Opening the 9-Cer mid-level course to ensure the participation of mechanic and railcar technicians.

(Human Resources and Vehicle Care Department)

10- In case of spousal transfers, operations are carried out in accordance with the general conditions of the assignment and relocation regulations, avoiding the victimization of personnel and avoiding legal remedies.

(Human Resources Department)

11- Continue navigation without going to work. the availability of a number of active personnel in shifts in accordance with the legislation. For example; 207 is called de 2 Wagon Technician meets load scissors de in my 3. In the region there are places where the freight train is met with the single staff. Sarayköy can be an example of this situation.

(Car Care Department)

12-3. There are problems related to the announcement of the Anatolian Sets in the region. Personnel are challenged due to passenger complaints.

Elimination of air conditioning problems in trains.

(Car Care Department)

13-Raynuts 32744-45 sets which are working for Denizli Gardan Söke are not suitable for the geographic conditions of the region and instead they are given 3 DMU ANADOLU set (with air conditioners).

(Passenger Transport and Car Care Department)

14- Winter winters like wagon technicians.

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