TCDD Transportation 2018 In-Service Training Seminars Started

Kurt: tay In our first year, all of our values ​​are positive, in all our production items we are increasing compared to the previous year. I would like to thank all my friends. Bütün

The 2018 In-Service Training Seminar Program of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ started with a session attended by General Manager Veysi Kurt on 02 April 2018.

Evaluating the company's one and a half years in the sector, Kurt is always ready to serve the current infrastructure and train fleet with a fast, reliable, economical, comfortable and environmentally sensitive approach. underlined that they are human oriented in all activities.

Mr. Kurt pointed out that one of the most responsible units of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. is mechanic. He also stated that morale and motivation are very important in this profession where even a few seconds are very important.

”In all our production items, we are increasing compared to the previous year.“

The company has created awareness since the day it entered the sector and it has changed its new management approach and business habits with the new perspective. Kurt said: du Our company was founded in June of 2016. The process of separation with TCDD took approximately 6-7 months. But for a year we performed ourselves, we are now in our second year. In our first year, all of our values ​​are positive; In other words, we have managed to bring today to a better point than yesterday. Both the high speed, the Marmaray and our values ​​in freight transport have values ​​that will make us all proud. I would like to thank all my friends. Bütün

Expressing that the formation of values ​​is an awareness, Kurt said, ili We live together with the results of planned and devoted work. We are in an increasing trend with our quality, service and satisfaction. I believe it will continue to grow even more. At this point, I think that the contribution of the training seminars is great. İşte

“We must always aim for the better“

Kurt, who wants to protect the values, said, sonra We should not be satisfied with our success; From our heads of departments to our officers, from our road workers to our teamakers, we need to make self-criticism. We should always aim for the better. Now we have to act with the culture of TCDD Transportation Inc. eler he said.

”Success passes love“

Kurt reminded people that they are focused and that the success is love, ın First of all, we will love our business. We'il love each other. If we can deliver everyone's rights, we will reach our goals more quickly. We need to give everyone the right of the company, the employee, the employee, the manager, the country and everyone else. We have to question ourselves about this. Let's not forget that the road to success passes the right. Başarı

“What I say here is the instruction“

Kurt pointed out that he said that everything he underlined is used to bring the Company to a better point. Daha It is essential to make a quick decision, to work fast, to be mobile, to be practical. For this, we need analysis, need activity, need quality, need to study. My speech here is an order, instruction for each staff. For 32 years, as an industrial engineer in the railway sector, I know our company's mountain, its station, its ramp. If we believe in something very well, the consequences are for him. In 1991, when I went to study the business processes in Yakacık, which is the most important terminal of our freight transportation as an Industrial Engineer, the contribution of this measurement to the enterprise was not yet fully understood by the staff there. But with these measurements, we changed things and made them more efficient and efficient. I mean it is very important to measure the work. We will consider human-focused, cost-oriented, energy-oriented, savings-oriented and create awareness. We will know everything that is done or planned to be done to the finest detail. Ası

General Manager Veysi Kurt; He finished his speech by wishing that the in-service training seminars would be successful.

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