No Staff for Subcontractor Workers Working in İZBAN


In İzmir, İZBAN management announced that it will not employ around 700 subcontractors, private security and cleaning workers.

The İZBAN management has announced its partnership structure and announced that it will not employ approximately 700 subcontractors, private security and cleaning workers. On the other hand, the union stated that İZBAN workers will be on May 1 upon the request of the staff.

The government's staffing arrangement did not affect tens of thousands of subcontracted workers. Workers who are stuck in the barriers to tender specifications, especially SEEs, will continue to work in subcontractor companies with insecure and low wages. Among these workers, 500 subcontractors working under the body of İZBAN and 200 cleaning workers are also included. With the initiation of the staffing process of the workers trying to get organized in the Private Security Union and General Business Unions within DİSK, the application made by the staff was rejected at first, but later on, the application petitions were accepted upon the intervention of the unions.

IZBAN management recently sent the answer to the applications by mail to the workers. In the reply sent to the workers' home addresses, it was said that "there is no legal regulation for the evaluation of your applications regarding Decree No. 696 regarding your application numbered… ..".

IZBAN bureaucrats have suggested the structure of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD partnership as the reason for not passing it into the company. According to the information on İZBAN's website, both institutions have 50 percent share. On the other hand, İZBAN management, which extended the tender for two months due to the uncertainty of the regulation, went on two separate tenders for new security and cleaning works. The decrease in the number of workers stated in the tenders attracted attention. It has been learned that around 50 private security guards working in İZBAN with the hope of moving to the staff for years, will not leave the company receiving the tender.


Speaking to Universal on the subject, DİSK Private Security Sen Chairman Serdar Aslan stated that the decision taken was against the decree of the decree and the principle of equality. It was left in half because of its partnership, but somehow the workers had to be transferred to İZBAN. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken the necessary steps in this regard, but TCDD bureaucrats have objections. It is unacceptable to be out of scope. We demand that a new circular be issued as soon as possible and that they move to the staff. İZBAN workers will be in the field with the request of staff on May 1, ”he said.

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