Suburban Service in Metro Standard with Başkentray

Capital City, which has brought the Kayaş-Sincan suburban line to the subway standard, was put into service with the ceremony held at Kayaş Train Station on 12 April 2018 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Parliament Ismail Kahraman, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan.

”49 will be reached from one end of Ankara to the other“

BAŞKENTRAY Speaking at the opening ceremony, President Erdogan's absence in the old days, poverty and Mamak in Turkey that the compress terror from that where it whether concrete example, 15 years, the capital of urbanism in terms of age passed, Ankara will serve on the metro comfort BAŞKENTRAY in Izmir , Istanbul, Marmaray after the third urban rail transportation system, drawing attention to the following said:

“We have implemented our third suburban line. With Ankara's many infrastructures, the two ends of the city merged with this line. We have established a brand new transportation network in line with modern transportation needs. We built a total of 156 kilometers of railroads. We won Ankara with a commuter line that will be proud of. Kayaş'tan Sincan'a 49 minutes to go. At first, the 15 will be one in a minute, and the time will be reduced to 5 minutes. İlk

Başkentray'in 24 April 2018 will provide free service to the public until the date of Erdogan, the high speed train travel with Başkentray also stated that the travel time.

”The capital, 1, cost 227 million liras per billion“

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said: Başbakan We are turning the unimaginable targets into reality. The capital, 1, cost 227 million liras. Ankara is now the capital of the high-speed train. Inaugurated we will serve more than half a million to Ankara. We did not avoid any sacrifice in making this project so that our citizens could not even bleed. Everything for Turkey, to Ankara, for you. "He said.

”Court 36, the construction of 20 lasted months“

Yıldırım thanked those who contributed to the implementation of Başkentray and said: geçen We completed this project in 20 months. We saw the typical example of bureaucracy. 2012 has been auctioned. Court took 36 months. The end of 20 lasted for months. Everyone should be more sensitive in jobs that will make life easier for the citizen. People and public interest should be observed. The capital city will serve more than half a million to Ankara. When you go to Xinjiang here you will pass either from the bottom or from the top. You will not cross the track. A sign of the importance we give to human life. We glorify the people of the state that we live in faith. Anc He said.

Çalışıy We are trying to make Ankara the real capital for 15 years “

In his speech UDHR Minister Ahmet Arslan did, President Erdogan's "Ankara is not only in Turkey, the structure of the capital of the transport corridor." Instruction moves they last 15 Ministry as urban land decades, rail and air routes in the area in to make a capital in real terms they said they worked.

”YHT is divided into conventional and suburban lines“

Arslan stated that they brought the line 4 from Kayaş to Ankara to 6, and the line from Ankara to Behiçbey to 5 and from Behiçbey to Sincan. 36 reported that they made a new line of kilometers or even 156 kilometers and they would serve 6 lines for high-speed and conventional trains to suburban trains.

Dı 20 15 carried thousands of thousands of people to Ankara at 10 in July ı

In addition to the YHT station in the center of Ankara, Eryaman also said that the YHT station was constructed and all these stations were designed and rendered unobstructed in a way to serve the disabled people. When the people of the coup attempt on the people with bad ambitions in an environment where the people on the instructions of our people, the complex, parliament, the general staff on the road to fall on the line, even though this line was closed on the YHT line by running our suburban trains by night until the night we moved thousands to the center of Ankara. In the first years of the Republic, the railroads and the railroads of this country, the future, if they worked for independence and independence in July 20 in the same way they stood behind you and they have revealed that they can sacrifice their lives for it.

Arslan emphasized that the railway sector, which has been neglected for years, has become a state policy again under the presidency of President Erdoğan and thanked those who contributed to the project's completion in 20 months.

At the end of the ceremony, President Erdoğan took the train into a machinist seat.


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