Second Discounts on Metro in Bursa

Organized by the Uludağ University Finance Community '20. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş attended the seminar organized within the scope of “Finance Days”.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş came together with students at Uludağ University and gave advice on life, and gave the good news that they will make a second discount for metro transportation.

Organized by the Uludağ University Finance Community '20. To the seminar organized within the scope of “Finance Days”; Chairman Aktaş attended as a speaker. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who goes to the university by taking the metro, sohbet He.

"Have a goal while studying, an idea for after school"

Mayor Aktaş shared his life experiences with young people at the seminar organized by the financial community and expressed his views on municipal management and Bursa. He also Uludag University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Alinur President recalled that the Department of Business Administration Aktas, Turkey's most beautiful cities, and they look at one of the university, expressed the need to use the young people of this advantage. Mayor Aktaş stated that the experience is very special and expensive and that people make many material and moral sacrifices for experience and asked the students to benefit from 'when they come together with an experienced person'. Mentioning the importance of students' self-development as well as graduating from universities, Mayor Aktaş said, “Do not disturb your morale and motivation while studying. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has the opportunity to find a job in many fields. It doesn't matter who says what. What you feel matters. This country and the world through this country need smart people. Have a goal while studying, an idea for after school. Wear as many gold bracelets on your arm as possible. Turkey is a special and beautiful country. Big companies now need financial advisors and financial advisors. "Make career planning for yourself at this point."

Stating that the main university started after school, President Alinur Aktaş stated that being equipped is of great importance in addition to diploma. Stating that he benefited greatly from working in university years, Mayor Aktaş also gave advice to young people in this direction. Stating that being a mayor and a deputy is not a profession, every politician has a profession, Aktaş said, “Before politics, you must be successful in your profession. The important thing in politics is to be well remembered when the task is over. Municipal work is a serious business that requires serious sacrifice. "Municipalism now touches every aspect of life from birth to death," he said.

"Good news of discounts for students"

“We made a discount on metro transportation. We will make a second discount in the coming months ”and gave good news to the students about transportation and answered the questions asked to him. That there is a debt to the Bank but Aktas Bursa Provincial President reminded that the most indebted city in Turkey, Istanbul, each municipality could be debt, he said that sustainability is important. Reminding that the Metropolitan Municipality has debts until 2032, 60 percent of the debt covers the years between 2018 and 2020, Aktaş said, “We have a short-term dilemma. Funding is not a problem for municipalities. There are different ways of doing this. These are not important debts for a city like Bursa. Municipalities receive a certain share from the central budget. As a municipality, you also need to create resources that will generate income for you. In recent years, the shares of the municipalities from the center have been increased, ”he said.

Stating that a second youth center will be operational in Görükle as of September, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that a new center will be opened that responds to the needs of young people and offers them the opportunity to improve themselves. Stating that Bursa no longer needs ordinary but qualified industry, Aktaş said;

“Teknosab is a great project. There will be an area to be equipped with factories with a high level of technology. From the eleventh month, the foundations of the factories will be laid and the process will begin. Signatures were signed for the automotive test center in Bursa. This is a signal that the domestic car factory is also in this city. We conveyed our requests in this regard. This city bears the brunt of extreme industrialization. We must do well to account for this. We need industry with high added value "

At the end of the seminar, a plaque of appreciation was given to President Aktaş by the President of the Finance Community, Merut Kekik.



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