Award Excitement at Science Expo

In the project competition held within the scope of the 7th Turkish Airlines Science Expo, this year, a total of 110 thousand TL was awarded. The awards were delivered to their owners at a ceremony attended by Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş.

Turkey's largest, the world's No. shown between Turkish Airlines scientific activities Science Expo brought together hundreds of students to the scientific study for 4 days. The Science Expo, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BEBKA under the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines and hosted by the Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM) and with the support of the Ministry of National Education, ended with an award ceremony. This time, the festival was organized with the main theme of "Technologies of the Future" and around 7 students and teachers participated in the workshops. The world record was broken with 100 students playing 'mangala' at the same time. Teams from Poland, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Singapore held workshops and science shows. Within the scope of the festival, while 628 project competitions were held in 6 different titles, workshops, science shows, simulators, science conferences, concerts, drone shows and drone shows were organized in 9 different areas. 120 volunteers interested in science selected from all universities participated in the 200th Turkish Airlines Science Expo.

“Science Expo will be an international brand”

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they made records at Science Expo this year and 4 thousand visitors attended the festival for 192 days. Expressing that more than 120 thousand people participated in 78 different workshops, President Aktaş reminded that guests from 8 different countries also took their place in the organization. Explaining that it is necessary to produce different products for domestic and national production in order to develop, increase exports and gross national product, President Alinur Aktaş said, “Turkish Airlines Science Expo has also been the starting point of this idea. Our president always talks about being local and national. We used our local and national weapons in Operation Olive Branch in Afrin. Such steps are a sign of good days. We need to produce technology in addition to agricultural products. We must make new discoveries. This festival was the starting phase for future scientists and technologies. A few years later, Science Expo will become an international brand. I would like to thank everyone who participated and supported ”.

President Aktas said that they wanted a youth who thinks, researches, develops and develops them. Aktaş touched upon the importance of creating our own designs and brands, and explained that many small countries have been autonomized by a single brand and that they aim to bring science and technology one step further in the country.

BEBKA Secretary General İsmail Gerim said that a full 4 days were spent within the scope of the festival. Stating that they support the festival within the framework of the development plans of our country and the region, Gerim emphasized the importance of increasing the capacity of high-tech products to reach the level of developed countries. Reminding that we have a young and dynamic population, Gerim stated that Science Expo, which provides the necessary grounds for young minds, is an important science festival.

Tens of teams, cutthroat fight

After the speeches, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas and BEBKA Secretary General Ismail Gerim won the competition. This is the fourth year of the contest the projects were included in total 1265 applications from all schools in Turkey. The 50 project, the 50 team in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drone Contest, the 25 team in the Autodesk Design and Modeling Contest, the 75 team in the Autodesk Design and Modeling Competition, the 4000 student in the Mangala Competition The 32 team was fighting. The finalists in the project competition were evaluated by a jury of experts. Jury members were determined by Uludağ University Technology Transfer Office. Apart from the winners, all the projects that were finalized were awarded the 500 TL honorable mention award.

Total 110 thousand TL monetary award

In the category of Profession Competing; Electric-Electronic Technology, Machine Technology, Metal Technology, Food and Beverage Services, Clothing Production Technology and Textile Technology with the winners of the 3rd-4th place in the Mangala Tournament. grades, 5th-6th. grades 7-8. The winners in the Grades and High School Category were awarded. In addition, the first prize in the Autodesk category was given 2000 TL, the second 1500 TL, and the third 1000 TL. First 3000 TL, second 2000 TL, third 1000 TL in the Design & Build Fly-Drone category kazanIn the Design Build Fly-UAV category, the first place received 3000 TL, the second 2000 TL, and the third 1000 TL. 6 TL was presented to 500 honorable mentions. 6500 TL for the first place, 3000 TL for the second, 2000 TL for the third in the Child Inventors category of the Project Competition; 11.000 TL for the first place, 7500 TL for the second, 4000 TL for the third in the Young Inventors category; In the Master Inventors category, 20.000 TL was awarded to the first team, 10.000 TL to the second, and 6000 TL to the third.

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