Trams in Samsun Will Make a Return from a New Neighborhood Station

The Samsun Light Rail Line will be in service between Yeni Mahalle Station and Tekkeköy until the end of 09: 00.

Ondokuzmayıs University (OMU) on-campus light rail system line works by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs continues unabated. While the 90 of the concrete construction has been completed until now, the construction of the canopies of the stations has been completed in the works of the construction of the light rail system to the university.

Within the scope of the studies carried out, combining the existing Tekkeköy-University rail system line and the additional OMU in-campus line will be carried out and the line will serve only between this evening (Saturday) 09: 00 and Yeni Mahalle Station - Tekkeköy Stations.


SAMULAŞ Executive Vice President Ziya KALAFAT who gave information about the subject, (As closely followed in the public opinion, our Department of Science Affairs continues the on-campus extra rail system line works by Ondokuzmayıs University (OMU). As of today, we are starting to combine the new OMÜ in-house additional rail system line with our existing line. The work to be carried out tonight will combine the existing rail system line and the catenary lines, which are the energy system of the campus rail system line. For this reason, our rail system line will be operating between Yeni Mahalle Station and Tekkeköy stations as of 09: 00. The R11, R10 and R12 Ring vehicles moving from the university station will also move from the New Neighborhood Tram Station until after the 09: 00 runs the rail system line. The catenary line is scheduled to be completed tonight and will continue to operate between Tekkeköy Station and the University station as of 06: 15 on Sunday morning. When the study is completed, the joining of rail and scissor zones will be started and during this process, the only station of the University Station will be used for 15 days. Çalışma


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