Vehicle in Samsun Tekkeköy derailed the tram

The tramway derailed as a white commode hit the tramway in the Tekkeköy district of Samsun Example Industrial level crossing.

5311-B University tram from Samsun to Tekkeköy direction 22: 30: XNUMX collided with a white pickup truck. As a result of the impact, the tram broke off the track and rolled the electric-powered kataner pole. Due to the fact that the power pole did not come into contact with the tarmva, a big catastrophe was turned over. Information about the accident occurred in the accident was shared.

In the statement made by SAMULAŞ; I Example The Samsun Light Rail System line 21 Nisan 2018 will serve from the university-municipality stations on Saturday due to a traffic accident at the industry level crossing. “

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