Samsun-Krasnodar Flight Schedules Started

samsun crasnodar flights started
samsun crasnodar flights started

The flights between Samsun and Krasnodar, which were postponed due to maintenance of Samsun-Carsamba Airport last year, have resumed today.

In order to improve mutual cooperation and trade with Russia, the flight from Krasnodar within the scope of the flights launched between Samsun and Krasnodar was landed at Samsun-Carsamba Airport at 16.50. By plane; businessman, bureaucrat, tourism, health, and members of the press 40 composed of members of the press came to Samsun.

The flights are scheduled twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday). With mutual visits; which is a big market for Turkey and Samsun will establish relations with Russia based on mutual win-win. Trips to the surrounding cities for the Russian community is pleased to begin the flights again.

“A historic day“

With the resumption of flights will develop relations between two countries said Mambeğ District Mayor Tahumov Ruslan Aslanbekovic and Cerakay District Mayor Kağazejev Yuri Nurbiyeviç also the same day, a historic day to be in Turkey Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant opening of Viladimir Russian President came to Turkey to Putin they have stated.

”The real job falls to Samsun ul

Meeting the Russian guests at the airport, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs Necmi Çamaş said, “Between Samsun and Krasnador, 2017 started the scheduled flights in May with the support of our Mayor. These flights were interrupted by the maintenance of our airport. As of April, 2018 has resumed its flights to this day twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. A turning point for Samsun. These flights are a great transformation to improve our cultural, social, commercial and economic relations with our neighbors on the opposite side of the coast. Samsun, which is the gate of the north to the north, will be in an important international position. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for this great effort. Thank you to Samsun Valiz. Here, the main task falls to the people of Samsun, our businessmen and industrialists. Together we need to develop these relations Hep.

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