10th Coordination Meeting of Public-University-Industry Cooperation Working Group Started at Esogü

The three-day Public-University-Industry Cooperation (KÜSİ) Working Group 10, organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Eskişehir Governorship, Provincial Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology and Eskişehir Osmangazi University. The Coordination Meeting started at the Congress and Culture Center.

25 April 2018 Speaking at the official opening of the meeting, which started on Wednesday, 26 April 2018 Thursday, KÜSİ Working Group Eskişehir Representative and Vice Rector of the University. Dr. Ahmet Çabuk, the public-university-industry cooperation in the public side of the university-industry collaborations crowning, regulating, managing the resources of the funds, making strategic plans and the industry and the industry must constantly evolve in a direction that reminds me of a force that by specifying, without this power university-industry cooperation an integrated way to manage and derive the output from the community is not easy, he said. Public-University-Industry cooperation model for the 5 years in our country under the name of the KÜSİ Working Group by Technology Transfer Offices, Technoparks and R & D Centers, now started to see the output of industry-oriented theses, the intellectual property and patents in our country has been carried out in an environment and the fruits of the work done. he began to give. Professor Dr. Ahmet Çabuk expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for directing them as KÜSİ Working Group. Stating that national and domestic projects in Eskişehir continue rapidly Dr. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çabuk, National High Speed ​​Train in TÜLOMSAŞ and TEI (National Aircraft Engine Engineering Department), both in our university and ESOGÜ Technology Transfer Office Application and Research Center (ETTOM) as well as the KUSI Working Group. Looking at the technoparks in our country, most of the studies in the field of software, stating that Professor. Dr. Ahmet Çabuk, KÜSİ Working Group coordination in Eskişehir in the field of software activities under the name of the City Informatics Board said they gather in a structure. Professor Dr. Ahmet Çabuk said that they will start to present their beautiful projects to our country by technopark companies and other companies. Professor Dr. Ahmet Çabuk ended his speech by wishing that he would have a successful and productive meeting.

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Science Technology General Manager İlknur Inam, Ministry of Industry as the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, 4. He stated that they have carried out the industrial transformation and the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, the placement activities, and they are trying to carry the works further together with the related organizations such as TUBITAK, KOSGEB, Consumption Patent and Trademark Authority and with result oriented approaches. İlknur İnam stated that public-university-industry cooperation activities are in the middle of the activities carried out by the Ministry. The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology noted that they are at the very center of the R & D and innovation ecosystem. İlknur İnam thanked the university for hosting and wished the meeting to be fruitful.

Acting Rector of the University Dr. Kemal Şenocak stated that the most important starting point for the industrialists who play an important role in our country's economy to compete in the global arena is their interest in the process of developing their new knowledge producing abilities. Professor Dr. Therefore, Kemal Şenocak stated that the most important stakeholders of the industrialists are the universities and their employees' tendency to research and develop. He said that the unchanging element of a sustainable R & D ecosystem is the integration of industry with the university. Dr. Kemal Şenocak pointed out the necessity of the existence of the third component public pillar, which will determine the working environment and strategic areas, as well as the supportive arrangements for this integration to be successful. Acknowledging the duty of our university in the cooperation of Public-University-Industry, by completing the R & D ecosystem, Prof.Dr. Dr. Kemal Şenocak stated that Eskişehir Osmangazi University presented its academic knowledge and infrastructure to the national and domestic projects of our country through ETTOM with its researcher training program for the defense industry, especially for the National Combat Aircraft and the National High Speed ​​Train Project in Eskişehir. Professors of the university's industrial cooperation projects are supported by TUBITAK and other funding sources. Dr. Dr. Kemal Şenocak, also academics and pre-incubation center Larva by establishing their own business models by training students in the technopark established through innovation-oriented projects continue to develop through the companies said. Professor Dr. Dr. Kemal Şenocak stated that our university has also served with ESOGÜ Center Research Laboratory Drinking and Research Center (ARUM) which has an important function in university-industry cooperation. The university will continue to fulfill its duties in the cooperation of the Public-University-Industry. Dr. Kemal Şenocak wished the meeting to be fruitful and beneficial, stating that he was confident that sparks would be created for new developments that would be important in the future of our country.

Deputy Governor of Eskişehir said that advanced countries in the field of information and technology are at the most advanced level in economic development and development. Aiming to become one of the world's largest 2023 10 years in Turkey's economy to achieve this goal with high added value; Cafer Yildiz stated that the countries that have invested heavily in R & D have made significant investments in science and industry and are among the highly efficient economies. Turkey's many years neglected R & D and work towards innovation in particular stating that started to give importance since the year xnumx'l Cafer Yildiz, the point reached in the R & D and innovation resources that continued to grow, but that proved to be sufficient, he said. Based on the fact that a well-educated, technology-dominated and well-equipped population is the greatest treasure for a society, in such an environment in which science and technology are rapidly advancing and the competition is intense, the contribution of our state to the science and technology of university-industrialist and university-public institutions and organizations Cafer Yildiz said that it was important and necessary for them to cooperate on education and similar issues and wished the meeting to be successful and productive.

After the opening speeches, Mentorship Training Certificate Presentation Ceremony took place. The meeting will end on Friday at 27 April 2018.

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