Lightning Metro Response to Mayor Aktaş

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş's recent press releases drew reaction from politicians with the opposition party.

Expressing that they learned the developments with the Yildirim metro through the press, the politicians belonging to organized parties in the district of Yıldırım proved harsh to Aktaş's statements of sorrow.

Erkan Subaşı, chairman of the İYİ Party Yıldırım district, also made harsh criticism to Aktaş.

Subaşı said, “We learn about the savings of Mr. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş for the districts from television and newspaper interviews rather than watching TV series instead of the political parties' provincial presidencies. Mr. President Erdoğan pointed out Büyükşehir as the address by making explanations in terms of finding the money related to Yıldırım Metro. Today we learn again through the press that Our Metropolitan, which owes 6 billion debts and has to pay 60 percent of it for the first 2 years ago, found a cube of Ottoman Gold and will lay the foundation of the Yildirim subway it has designed for 1,5 months on October 1! Let the cost of the subway locked on the quiet door of the Bursa House, which was opened by the mayor of the previous term for the prestige purpose, to prepare the ground for the Bursa lobby in Ankara Castle, in Ankara! How can you do the subway job, how do you think about financing, even if you can not afford the staff salary? How can you find money when you cannot find a buyer for the premises you are trying to close and rent because of the damage it caused, and not find a buyer for the coupons? We want the service to come, but first, let's pass it, shouldn't you have to share it with the Lightning? Seats are temporary, services are cash. We expect you to explain in detail the details of what you want to do seriously with Yıldırım Metro ”.


'4. Stating that they came to the final stage of the press conference named “The Scorecard of Yıldırım Municipality” in the year of 4, Subaşı criticized the actions of Yıldırım Mayor İsmail Hakkı Edabali and said, “Yıldırım has been running with a model municipality for 4 years. Some social and personal rights of our citizens have been taken away in the works for urban transformation. In a few days, we will explain this in depth in our meeting with examples. Mr. Edabali thinks that Yıldırım will be destroyed and beautiful with new buildings. When was the last time he talked to the contractor company in Mevlana, where urban transformation was made? Construction costs increased by at least 12 percent as the dollar exceeded the 17 lira limit in Bursa. Some materials come almost daily hike. Today, with the build-operate-transfer model on behalf of the state, treasury guaranteed purchases are made and contracts are made on foreign exchange. Why firms do not hurt. Municipal management, which includes XNUMX neighborhoods in Urban Transformation, will not be able to find firms that will build in these regions because; The companies that took large-scale urban transformation works in Osmangazi removed the signboards saying that this exceeded us. While they did not dare in parcel and island-based form, you raised the bar in Yıldırım and turned it into a neighborhood base, and this work will be dragged into urban chaos at the end of the year. Yıldırım Municipality is unaware of the decisions taken by the Metropolitan Municipality on a daily basis. They are learning the developments through the press. ”


Subaşı, who also made statements about the lightning transportation, said that “BURULAŞ, which is a monopoly in transportation, takes the decisions it wants throughout the province through UKOME. However, in the city center, 1 million 400 thousand people travel from the west of the city to the east, from north to south by at least 2 vehicles. The municipality's own buses, which have a small number of long lines, do not meet the increasing passenger demand. Although the naive events that occurred recently in public buses upset our citizens, they have to use these vehicles. Public buses may have justifiable reasons for them, but their behaviors overshadow them. We know that they won the court they gave the municipality. We also learned that a bus would make two macrobuses. This will mean that 690 new vehicles will be released to the traffic. How accurate is such a move when criticizing minibuses in traffic? Or how much is required? We heard that 150 thousand liras are requested per plate from these vehicles that will be used for JJ license plate. There are 500 blue-white vans in Yıldırım. They also won the court where they gave the municipality. The macrobus event was also considered for them. With the purchase of new vehicles, the cost of travel will naturally increase in the transformation, which will bring the line owner at least 350 thousand liras. With this transformation, BURULAŞ took the macrobuses to the combined card system and pressed the button to be the only pistol in Bursa. A commission fee of 7 percent is mentioned. BURULAŞ will have the right to use the money accumulated in the pool for 48 days. Considering that 4 million lira hot money is circulating for daily public transportation vehicles in Bursa, it will be understood what BURULAŞ is after. We hope that a decision will be made in favor of our citizens by making a joint decision. ”

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