After the Osmaneli-Bursa-Bandırma YHT Line Tender

Osmaneli District Mayor Director Şahin, who made evaluations regarding the Osmaneli-Burs-Bandırma High Speed ​​Train line tender, stated that Osmaneli was the focus of investors after the tender. Mayor Şahin, "We will now enjoy the rapid rise of Osmaneli in every field, especially in industry." In his statement, he said:

Osmaneli has been an important settlement of Anatolia throughout history. As the location of the strategic route, especially Silk Road, where the logistic center of the past, Sakarya (former name sangarios) and Osmaneli also joined the Sakarya Göksu, Karasu, Göynük Water is an important city with the merger of Osmaneli.

So far ruled time lived in all civilizations of Anatolia, Osmaneli which is a charming settlement made about 17-20 civilizations also began with the first Turkish domination In the 1075 Seljuks, later founded the Anatolian Seljuks, the Ottomans and the Republic of Turkey today uninterrupted TURKISH as the city It has come. In short, it is a settlement without the day of liberation Osmaneli.

Osmaneli is at the beginning of the rise again these days. In short, Osmaneli is like an airplane that is taking the flight permit from the tower to the flight to the flight. Now, wait to witness the rapid rise of Osmaneli will admire us, because there are days, not days.

From the 2014 March, where local elections are held, we have come to the incredible destination at every goal we put in Osmaneli. Infrastructure, superstructure, quality of life, tourism, new products in agriculture, new markets and industries have come a long way. We will be watching the rapid rise of Osmaneli in every field, especially in the industry.

In the recent days, the tender has been started in the Osmaneli-Yenisehir YHT project. Another construction site is established in our district. Osmaneli-Yenişehir-Bursa-Bandırma and then connect to Izmir YHT line will be connected directly to the port of Gemlik direct connection. Then we will be able to reach Bandırma Port. İstanbul-Eskişehir-Ankara and Bozüyük after the Kütahya, Afyon and Antalya road, Osmaneli-Iznik-Bursa road, Istanbul-Eskisehir-Ankara and Konya YHT line, the old Istanbul-Ankara railway, Osmangazi Bridge via 80 minutes to Istanbul Osmaneli is becoming a complete Logistics Center with its road extending and its proximity to the big population.

We are hard to make appointments to investors who are closely following these developments. In Osmaneli, real estate values ​​rise exponentially. We do not like realtors, because the profit to occur here, the real plot, the land owners win. Because they waited for years to come. So we say to our people that you do not sell your place to visit Osmaneli Municipality. We will provide free real estate consultancy with our team.

Osmaneli Selimiye Industrial Our interest in our parcels is great. Bien Seramik AS, Tayraş Petroleum Products Inc., Dunyalar Vagon Sanayi AS, Ekol Alimninyum, Machine Factory, Ceneviz Food AS, Mepsan AS, Ayde Aliminyum AS have taken their places in our industrial parcels and the investments start. Apart from these, Gebze Organized Industry Industry Parcels show great interest. We have recently met with the Chairman of the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, its executives and industrialists, and the deputy chairman of the Istanbul Commerce University together with Bilecik Governor Doc Dr Tahir Büyükakın. In a short period of time, the result of the demand for industrial plots is rapidly increasing. Every step we take is the result of a goal. We don't leave anything to chance. As Osmaneli Municipality, we are about to complete the 2014-2019 targets. We have already determined the 2019-2024 period and 2024-2029 targets. We give direction to Osmaneli.

Our contacts with Yurtbay Seramik AŞ continue. We do the work to meet the demands of the place. Work on the old Battery Factory is in progress. We created all the infrastructures and lands for the industry in Osmaneli. We are working to meet all demands.

Osmaneli Municipality does not do classical municipality. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of the Republic and our leader, wants the following: oğ All the problems of the city are the subject of the mayor and must solve ları. Including the villages in Osmaneli, 22.000 is of interest to every subject from birth to death, and we are in trouble to solve every problem with the help of God. With this understanding, we monitor investments in every aspect of education, health, industry, tourism, agriculture, transportation, environment in Osmaneli.

1-Şehit Osman Er Imam Hatip Secondary School, 2-Osmaneli ÇPL (Anatolian Technical Vocational High School), 3-Girls Student Dormitory, 4-Balaban Primary School, 5-Preschool Preschool 6-Gendarmerie Building, 7-Gendarmerie Building, 8-Community Health Center, 9-Gendarmerie Housing, 10-District Governor's House 11-4,5-city highway investment with 12-Highway, XNUMX-TOKİ, Osmaneli Center, etc. Our municipality, members of our council, our organization, provincial, district presidents, provincial councilors, bureaucrats,, Deputy Halil Eldemir, governor, governor, our Prime Minister, Prime Minister and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the contribution of the Mayor of Osmaneli was held in the organization.

We are working to reach the Osmaneli Goals in unity and solidarity. Allah reflects the abundance of this union to our business and investments are being made rapidly. Osmaneli is experiencing the days in which he has a very rapid rise due to his transportation, the proximity to the large populated settlements, the nature conditions, the climate and the values ​​he has throughout the history. The investors see these advantages and come to Osmaneli for investment. Our ascension is good for all the people of Osmaneli.

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