New Price Schedule at Alanya Teleferik

Alanya Teleferik, which was put into service last year, started to apply a new tariff following Governor Karaloğlu's instruction.

In March, the Governor of Antalya Munir Karaloğlu, Antalya Mayor Menderes Türel and a large number of participants' Alanya Castle Evaluation Meeting held by the Governor Karaloğlu'nun 18 TL rope lift fee demanded as a result of the high price of the 15 TL has been implemented. As it is known, in the first period when the cable car was opened, 20 could not survive being the target of criticism with its price of TL, then its price was reduced to 18 TL.

Teleferik A.Ş. made special statements on the subject to Dim TV ( Trade Manager Oğul Atasoy said, sonunda At the end of March, Kal Alanya Castle Evaluation Meeting gerçekleştiril was held with the participation of our Governor of Antalya Munir Karaloğlu and our Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel. In the context of these decisions, upon the request of our Governor, we made a discount on our poster price as a Alanya cable car. We have reduced our full ticket price to 15 TL. This is just one of the sacrifices we make about Alanya Castle. Previously, we have invested over 1,5 million in Alanya Castle by improving the roads starting from Ehmedek gate to Suleymaniye Mosque, lighting and marking works. While making this investment, we not only thought about the Alanya cable car, but also the revival of Alanya Castle, the arrival of more people, the mobilization of Alanya tourism, the people coming to see Alanya Castle and Seljuk monuments. After all, what is happening for Alanya is also good for Alanya cable car. In addition, the decisions taken in this meeting 'Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Coordination Center will take the Alanya Castle for pedestrian traffic, we expect to use the restriction of vehicle traffic. I think that this practice will be lasting longer after these happen. I don't know when the discount will go on. Time will show us that..

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